The Aeries Difference 

Our unmatched experience in the development, implementation, and support of California K-12 SIS applications enables us to provide superior and cost-effective products and services. 

We partner with you for success

We consider our relationship with our clients to be a partnership. Together, we work to define the goals of the initial project, create a strategic plan for implementation, and establish communication and support for ongoing success. Eagle Software supplies the solutions that enable you to implement Aeries, adapt it for your own unique needs, and manage your student information resources. Eagle Software provides the training and support necessary to ensure the successful use of Aeries at all levels.

Strong California presence

  • Over 570 districts and educational agencies representing over 2.6 million students in California
  • No need to clutter the system with the needs of other states
  • Places California-focused information and data in prominent locations
  • Focused development staff optimizes California school needs

Our level of service

We'll just go ahead and say it — our level of customer service is stellar. When you need support, you'll reach a real person with the expertise to solve any issue you may have. And our support staff is not only skilled with the software — most have worked in the California school system. We are committed to making your job easier.

Are you satisfied with your current SIS provider's level of service?