New features in the Aeries Web UI Update

As a part of the release of our new and improved user interface (UI) for Aeries Web, we wanted to provide these resources outlining exactly what's new in the new UI. You may have already read in previous blog posts and articles that very little in Aeries has changed from a functional perspective, with no fundamental change to the core Aeries experience. Instead, we focused on new, cleaner styles and a handful of usability enhancements to frequently-used features that are all-new in the the UI update. As a result of that, Aeries users should feel right at home when they jump back in, and should enjoy quicker navigation and searching and enhanced clarity of information, empowering them to get things done even quicker.

If you're still not sure exactly what's new in the new UI, we recommend that your first stop be our demo instance of the new UI. There, you can proceed through the on-screen walkthrough tour of the new features that we've included in the latest update, and even try out those features for yourself.

There are also a few other areas where we've made information available about the new UI. For visual learners, we've released a few videos creating using the new interface that can help convey what's new:

Our new UI video series, which dedicates a brief video to each new improvement

Our updated Aeries Overview video, re-created in the new UI to provide a broader overview.

Also see this printable PDF cheat sheet.

New features

In case the aforementioned resources are not preferable, we'll also outline the new UI features right here in this article. Feel free to send a link to your end users leading to this page if you want to catch them up on what's new! 

Currently-selected student information always shows at top of page

Instead of having to navigate directly to the Student Profile section to view the details of the currently-selected student, a handy readout is always readily available at the top of the page you're viewing. This will reduce actions in situations where you need to refer to that data.

Consistency in button placement

In the new UI, we're making it easier to more quickly access common functions like the "Print this page" or "Favorite this page" buttons. Now, these kinds of global buttons will appear in a single, consistent location across the top of pages and reports. 

New, easier-to-use sidebar navigation

The sidebar has been revamped with the new styles as well as usability improvements that should make navigating through Aeries quicker and easier. First, the clickable area of each item in the sidebar has been increased, making it easier to find and click the item you're looking for. In addition, there is now a text box embedded at the top of the sidebar that you can use to filter the sidebar items to quickly locate the item you want with results showing immediately, right as you type. This small change should yield a significant improvement in the amount of time it takes to navigate through the Aeries Web interface.

Powered-up search with reverse lookup

When searching in Aeries, you'll now find new advanced options that allow you to use new kinds of data to locate students in the system. You can now search for students using telephone number, street address, email address, date of birth, or the name of the student's primary contact(s). This will prove particularly beneficial in situations where a user is looking for a specific student but does not have a unique identifier on hand with which to do so. 

View recently-accessed students

For users who frequently access a set of particular students, Aeries now offers a list of the last students accessed through the search function. Users can also open up the full search dialog box to see an extended list of their recently-accessed students.

Add particular pages or reports to your personal Favorites list

Also within the sidebar is a new "Favorites" section that allows users to 'Star' their frequently-used pages and report screens, so they can easily jump back to them at any time without having to search through the sidebar items.

Switch years without having to log out


Previously, to access another year database such as a prior year, users needed to return to the login screen to specify the database they wanted to log in to. Now, with a handy dropdown box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, users can switch years and view future or historical data with ease.