Plugging Into Aeries - The Aeries API Is Now Available

Tags: API, Application Programming Interface

The 4/25/2014 version of contains an integrated API system.  An "API" is an "Application Programming Interface."  It allows outside systems (like 3rd Party Vendors) to call functions inside of Aeries to perform actions like getting data out or changing information.  Currently the API is limited to pulling data out of Aeries but will soon also include the ability to change data.

The API is completely secured and controlled by system administrators.  There is a new page called "API Security" where 3rd Party Vendors are added and granted access to different data sets.  Each vendor, using this new page, is given a unique certificate that is specific to the individual district. 

Documentation is available that details every API "End Point" in the system, the parameters, and the output:

Documentation is also available specifically detailing the Single Sign-On process:

Currently, the following data is available to be pulled from Aeries through the API:

  • - School Information (LOC table)
  • - Student Demographics (STU table)
  • - Student GPAs (STU table)
  • - Contacts (CON table)
  • - Student Class Schedules (CAR table)
  • - Master Schedule (MST table)
  • - Course Data (CRS table)
  • - Teacher Data (TCH table)
  • - Staff Data (STF table)
  • - Code Sets (COD table)

The demo site is ready for 3rd Party Vendors to test against.  Feel free to send this information to vendors wishing to interface with Aeries.  We are willing to add new data sets and functionality to the API, just ask!

In order to facilitate communication to all vendors about the Aeries API, we have started a Google Group: Interfacing With Aeries.  To subscribe, just send a blank email to: or go to!forum/interfacing-with-aeries.