A new design for the Aeries Teacher Portal

For Summer 2017, Aeries Software will be releasing an upgraded user interface (UI) designed to make Aeries easier to use and more efficient to navigate, as well as introduce a new look that is pleasing to the eye. To ensure everyone is comfortable with the new Aeries styles and functions, there is little or no change to the Aeries experience for teachers. Modules such as Attendance, Gradebook, and Grading functionality have no changes other than their appearance. The major emphasis to this upgrade is provide a much-improved navigation and presentation of student data, including the student search function.

Below are some before-and-after examples of the current UI (left) versus the new and improved UI (right).

Attendance screen

Old UI, featuring classic fonts & styles
New UI, featuring updated fonts & styles

The new user interface features more padding and margins for readability, so table cells will look less scrunched-together.
However, for users who prefer less padding and more data on-screen at once, there is an option to revert to the classic UI's compact look. 

Student profile screen

Gradebook (unchanged)

Some screens like the gradebook already featured new design styles, and remain unchanged.

Sidebar menu navigation

The sidebar and its functions are the same as it was before with some newly added features. The sidebar has three switchable sections, Pages, Reports, and Favorites, joined with new filtering for each section allowing for quick look up for a favorite page and report. These new features provide more efficiency and ease-of-use when navigating Aeries.

Old sidebar
New sidebar
The new sidebar is much easier to navigate, filter and search from.

Take the tour

Even though the style and font changes might seem like a relatively small change, it can feel much more significant for daily users. We wanted to make sure we were as clear about these changes (and how they'll streamline your daily workflow) as possible. We created two brief walkthrough tours that you can access right from the Home screen of the new UI that will outline all of the wonderful new improvements we've made with you in mind.

Curious about what's new in the new user interface? This tour is for you!

Video / print resources

For more information, refer to the following resources outlining new UI features:

Our new UI video series, which dedicates a brief video to each new improvement

Our updated Aeries Overview video, re-created in the new UI to provide a broader overview.

Also see this printable PDF cheat sheet.