Aeries Web new user interface rollout

Old UI

New UI

In the three weeks since we’ve made the new user interface (or UI) beta demo available, we’ve gathered a lot of great feedback from end users. We’ve been utilizing this data to inform the final tweaks and enhancements for the new user interface before preparing to release it to the public for live use. 

Click the above thumbnail for a quick primer video on the new UI.

As outlined in a previous blog post regarding the new UI, our primary focus was on bringing beauty and better usability to the Aeries web application without disrupting the workflows of everyday users or necessitating additional training.

(As a reminder, you can preview the new UI on our demo site here.)

Now that we’re down to the finishing touches, and sufficient time has been given for both internal and external testing, we’re preparing to move on to the next phase of the rollout. 

This article is going to outline the following: 

• The timeline and status of the new UI project up to today
• How your district can choose to roll out the new UI to its end users
• What to expect in the next few months regarding the old UI

The new UI project overview

The new Aeries Web user interface is a project that has gone through many phases over a long period of time. Now that we’re nearing the end, let’s look back at what has happened:

1. Research phase

Research into the finer details of the Aeries user interface was conducted. This phase was marked by long internal discussions, rigorous studies to better understand user pain points, and a reflection on the areas where our UI was already succeeding and failing.

2. Prototyping phase

Early mockups were created by the Aeries UX/UI team to act as candidate design concepts, based on research done in the first phase. They were compared, tweaked, and iterated upon until an internal consensus was reached.

3. Development phase

Initial development began, where the early mockup was turned into a usable interface.

4. Public beta period

A public beta build was made available to end users to try. This build included methods of providing feedback to the new UI design team right from within the web interface.

Next steps...

Beginning with the June 23rd update, districts will be able to distribute the new user interface to their end users.

Depending on whether your district is an Aeries Hosting customer or chose to self-host, your update options will differ slightly. They are outlined below:

Aeries Hosting CustomersAs of the June 26th auto-update, the option to switch between the old and new UIs will automatically become available on your login page until September.

Self-Hosted CustomersWhen you're ready, you will install the new UI from the Aeries updates page as usual, which will replace the old UI. Your instance will run the new UI from then on.
If you're a self-hosted district and would like to set up both UIs at once, click here for a brief overview on how to do that.

Sunsetting the old user interface

You don't have to transition to the new UI immediately. The old user interface will begin its sunset period on 07/14/17, which means that updates released for the old UI will be limited to critical bug fixes and state reporting functionality. The old UI will still be usable, but all new features and enhancements will be exclusively available in the new UI.

Then, in early September 2017, no further updates to the old UI will be released, and new updates will be exclusively for the new UI, including critical bug fixes and state reporting functionality. At that point, it is expected that all Aeries customers will be using the new UI.

Improving the Aeries experience for you

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or comments about the new user interface. We're dedicated to improving the Aeries experience for Aeries users, and we'd love to hear what you think of the new enhancements in this release. Thanks for reading!