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Aeries Browser Interface (ABI)

Q: How do I setup the option for importing Blackboard data into ABI Gradebooks?

A: Follow these steps for connection file setup:

    1. Create a file named Blackboard.UDL in the C:\ABIConn\ folder
    2. Use these variables for the new UDL file:

Provider Miscrosoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Connection Information:

  • Blackboard server name

  • Blackboard user name

  • Blackboard database

Teacher email addresses in Blackboard need to match the teacher email addresses in AeriesCS

Q: How do I clear out the workstation IP Addresses that are locked out due to invalid login attempts.

A: You can delete the IP address information from the GBL table.

Q: Some of my teachers report that page breaking doesn't work properly on ABI reports.

A: The global way to help this situation is to change the Default page for the ABI directory in the IIS Manager to "login.asp" from "default.htm". That may help some people. If that does not work for all your users, it may be their version of Internet Explorer. If they are using IE8, they will need to enable "Compatibility Mode" when using the ABI website.

Q: Where do I put my student pictures so that they are seen in ABI?

A: Within the web server's ABI directory, place the photos in a \images\school#\ folder (where school# is your school code without leading zeros). All of your photos must be in JPG format.

Q: Why is it that when I connect to my ABI website, I am prompted to login using a Microsoft Windows login window.

A: The MS Windows login prompt identifies the problem as permissions to the web folders. Verify that the "IUSR_MACHINENAME" account has explicit, full control permissions to the \INETPUB\WWWROOT folder, including all child folders and files.

Q: How do I increase (or decrease) the auto-logout time in ABI?

A: This is a feature of IIS (Internet Information Services) - which is the webserver that ABI runs on. You have to go into the IIS Manager on the server and then restart IIS once finished.

  • Right-Click on the Default Website (or whatever website ABI is run under)

  • Click on Properties

  • Click on the Home Directory tab
  • Click on the Configuration button
  • On the Options tab, you can adjust the Session Timeout

Q: Why do I get the error message "Cannot Open Database ". when performing an update to my ABI?

A: This error message is specific to ABI setups using Access 2000 or Access XP. The ABI install update program that is loaded on your server is the version used for Access 97. This program can be uninstalled and the correct version can be downloaded (UpdateABIXP.exe) and installed to clear up the error.

Q: Why cant I see the "Overwrite Valid Marks?" checkbox when entering grades into ABI?

A: The checkbox will only appear when the active, valid mark selected is identical in both Aeries and ABI.

Q: When I try to view last years Database/records in ABI it gives the following error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error 800a01b0 File name or class name not found during Automation operation, line 139

A: In addition to checking the box that allows access to last year's database(read only) on the Other 2 tab in the ABI Options interface, you must also create a UDL for last years school database. (e.g. SchoolData1.udl points to the current year school database SCH13xxx.MDB. You will need to create SchoolData1Last.UDL for last year's database SCH12xxx.MDB)

Q: On ABI with AeriesCS, when accessing the Contacts, testing, or transcripts modules in ABI I get a message that starts with Invalid Column Name..."

A: Open the AdminCS interface and run the "Define Student Table Relationships" module. Once finished, exit the module by selecting Close Form and Apply Changes. This will rewrite the records in the TFR table, which will clear the error.