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General Questions

Q: How do I setup a new Aeries account to force a password to be changed upon the first login?  

A: When setting up a new user account in Aeries (all versions), using the temporary password of "welcome" will force the user to re enter a different password. The user can continue to use the "welcome" password, but will continue to be prompted to change the password until the user selects another password.


Q: How do I append fix length files together?  

A: By using DOS copy you can create a single file from multiple fixed length files while keeping the same record layout. For more information type “copy /?” from a command prompt. The following is a sample statement, from the DOS command prompt: copy file1.dat/b+file2.dat/b+file3.dat/b combinedfile.dat/b. The “/b” is to denote "Binary", which will keep ALL formatting information (CR/LF, etc).


Q: How do I report a problem or submit a feature request?  

A: Both can be done online at our support page:


Q: Why do I get the message "Not a valid name or password" when trying to login.  

A: Aeries security login passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are using lower case, (caps-lock off) if that is how your password is supposed to be entered. If you still can not log in, please contact your local system administrator. Eagle Software does not maintain a list of your district's local credentials. 

Q: When I start Aeries, my NumLock is turned off. What can I do to have it stay on?  

A: The following registry entry can be added/modified to rectify this issue. It is HIGHLY recommended that ONLY individuals knowledgeable in changing the Windows registry perform this key modification: REGEDIT, HKEY_Users, Default, Control Panel, Keyboard, InitialKeyboardIndicators set to 2.