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Installation and Updating

Q: How do I install Aeries?  

A: Found in our Downloadable Documents section after logging in, the "Installation Files" category contains installers for several versions of Microsoft Access. Also included is a procedural document to follow when installing Aeries Client/Client Server versions. 


Q: What should I do if I get the "File sharing lock count exceeded" error in Aeries?   

A: Modifications to the registry should only be handled by a System Administrator or Technician that is proficient with registry modifications. If you are able to modify the registry, you can reference the Knowledge Base provided by Microsoft by clicking here and apply the information the affected machine(s).


Q: Installing Access 2003 and other versions of Access on the same machine.

A: Refer to the Microsoft support article here


Q: How does the automatic update process work?  

A: The update process can be automatic and seamless. The files from the weekly update file (UPDATECS.EXE) are to be extracted to a folder that all users have RUADC permissions. From the school version of access (SCH), in the Aeries form Aeries Variables for Current User the Update Path is to be keyed in the appropriate field. The next time a user logs in to Aeries, the software will run a comparison routine that checks a date field in a table called USYSVER within the SCH.MDE (or DST.MDE) application file. If the latest date on the new files is more recent than the latest date in the workstation copy of SCH.MDE, an application called UPDATE.MDB will run a routine that copies the new files to the proper locations on the workstation. Most districts and clients use this automatic update function, but it is not required. Districts can establish their own update/copy routines if they wish. If you are going to create a custom Aeries updating routine, please contact Eagle Software support for details about which files need to copied where for the various versions of Access and Aeries.


Q: My Terminal Services user sessions started having problems after an update from Microsoft. What is the problem?  

A: The problem presents itself by logging into Aeries and connecting to the wrong school. The problem persists even when connecting to the proper database and year. Other things noticed are that the Eagle1.ini has the correct parameters in the Terminal Services. The problem has been tracked down to two security updates from Microsoft, and can be resolved by uninstalling the security updates, 917422 and 921883