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Microsoft Access and Aeries

Q: How do I hide / restore the database window for Aeries?  

A: From the Microsoft Access menu, select Tools, Startup, and toggle the checkbox for "Display Database Window"

Q: When running Aeries in Access, I get a message about macro security. What does this mean?  

A: Microsoft has implemented a position on security that keeps exposure to viruses, trojans, and hackers at a minimum. As with other products (Excel), Microsoft has defaulted the setting for Macros to a "medium" security setting. The "High" setting will stop all databases/macros not "certified" by Microsoft from executing automatically. The "Medium" setting consistently reminds the user of the threat of potential problems from non-certified data sources. The user is prompted each time a macro is executed about the potential threat and requires the user to confirm the desire to continue the macro execution. The "Low" setting will allow the software to work properly without interrupting messages. Eagle Software recommends for our clients to change the setting to the lowest setting; the warning messages will then stop appearing and Aeries will function properly.

To complete this task in Access 2003, click on Tools, Macro, Security, Low.

In more recent versions of Access, the area is located in Options, Trust Center, Macro Security. 

Q: When running Aeries, I get the following message: "This database was created with the 32-bit version of Microsoft Access. Please open it with the 32-bit version of Microsoft Access." What does this mean?  

A: The 32-bit version of Access must be installed for Aeries to run; if you have the 64-bit version of Office loaded, you must re-install Access as a 32-bit program. A single licensed copy of Microsoft Access allows for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to be installed, so there is no additional cost to you for this process. Furthermore, you may install Access 32-bit on the same system as other versions of Office, e.g. Access 2003 (32-bit) alongside Office 2010 64-bit. Eagle Software has no plans for developing the Aeries Client version in 64-bit at this time. 

Q: Is Aeries compatible with Access 2007, 2010, etc.?  

A: For details on which systems Aeries supports, refer to the Aeries System Compatibility Chart. For Access 2007 and 2010, there is a hotfix to address an issue with form painting speed. You can download the hotfix for 2007 here, and the hotfix for 2010 here