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Network Configuration

Q: What files should be shared on the File Server, and what files should be on the hard drive?  

A: All files contained in the Aeries update file (UpdateXP.exe) should be placed in a shared folder on the file server. This includes but is not limited to the following files: SCH.MDE, AERIES.MDE, SCHMODEL.MDB, UPDATE.MDB, SYSTEM.MDW and EAGLE.HLP. The file server should also have any school datafiles that are sharable, e.g. SCH13001.MDB. All other installation files reside on the local hard drive.


Q: No computers can connect to Aeries (we share data on the server).  

A: Make sure you are getting attached to your server(s) at start up. Verify in the My Computer area that your network drives (e.g. F:\) are present and accessible . If you are not finding the network drive, try closing out and logging back on, or reboot your workstation, as this will often re-run your network's scripts to attach shared drives. If this fails, contact your local network administrator.