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Printer Setup

Q: I cannot get my printer to print barcodes as barcodes under the Print Student ID/CARD form. Instead it prints the barcode as @0005000011@. All computers print to the same printer and i tried reinstalling the print driver.

A: This error indicates that the font used for printing barcodes is not present on the workstation or server where the printer is installed. You will need to download and install the RSWIDE39.TTF font. We make this font available in every update file that we published on our website (UpdateXP.exe and UpdateCS.exe) To install in Windows, navigate to the Control Panel, click on Fonts, and then drag the font file into the window that appears. This will need to done on each workstation or, if the printer is networked, on the appropriate print server. As with any new font, you will have to reboot after installation.


Q: How do I set up a dot-matrix/ line printer with Aeries?  

A: In order for a report that has "generic" in the title to print, you must have the following set up: 

  1. You need the Generic Text printer driver loaded on your machine. This should not be your default printer. These drivers are included with every modern version of Windows. 
  2. Under the properties for the generic text printer, you need to go to the details tab, spool settings, and select Print directly to printer. 
  3. Under the Paper tab of the printer settings, the page size should be US Standard Fanfold. 
  4. Also, under the Paper source tab the paper needs to be set to Continuous - No page break. 

Aeries will automatically set the driver to the generic text when using one of our "generic" reports, all you have to do is have the driver installed on the system and have the settings as described above.