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Terminal Services

Q: How do I setup Aeries to work with Terminal Services?  

A: Although AeriesCS is not designed as a "Terminal Services Application", and while Eagle Software does not promote usage of AeriesCS as a TS app, it will work in a TS environment. Our support employees do not assist in this type of setup, but the following instructions can be followed by an experienced network administrator.

As a workstation-oriented application, the files used to start the AeriesCS interface are not to be shared across multiple TS users. Each user logging in needs to use their own set of files (specifically, SCH.mde, SCHMODEL.mdb, UPDATE.mdb, AERIES.mde, and SYSTEM.mdw). This type of environment can be accomplished by setting up the AeriesCS interface for each user profile as if the virtual workstation is a local PC. There are two ways to setup an AeriesCS workstation: 1. Run the installation package available from our website (InstallCS.exe) for each individual user profile. The installer prompts for file placement locations, which will have to be different for each user. This may be a lengthy process if you have several (more than 20) users. The installation package extracts the necessary files into designated folders (typically the C:\eagle folder) and creates an icon for starting the AeriesCS School interface.

Alternatively, run the installer once on the server (or some other designated location) and then copy the installed files in the designated drive:\foldername\location, as well as the shortcut created in the AeriesCS program-files area, to each user profile folder utilizing Windows login scripting. If desired, you can create an EAGLE1.ini file to distribute during the scripting process by starting AeriesCS on the "installed" designate and then copy the EAGLE1.ini file to each virtual workstation profile. This file can contain the necessary login credentials, as well as the updated file location to perform the automatic update process.

Hopefully this helps you to accomplish your goal. At present, there are no immediate plans to develop a terminal services setup process or to offer support in installing such environments. The above details are therefore the best resource available to accomplish a terminal services environment that uses AeriesCS.