Detailed List of Recent Aeries AIR Changes

Version Date - 8/14/2020
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Admin Options to skip the Parent, Previous Schools and Restrained Individual steps have been added to the Admin Basic Settings configuration page. An option to show / hide the signature line on the Confirmation page has also been added to the Admin Basic Settings configuration page.
Import When the Language Information step was disabled there was the potential for imports into Aeries to fail, fixed.
Confirmation The "Back to my Account" and "Enroll New Student" buttons will no longer display when the Confirmation page is viewed from within Aeries.
Version Date - 7/28/2020
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System Performance High amounts of resources were being allocated during street address parsing, fixed.
Version Date - 7/2/2020
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Admin The custom text previews for Other District Enrollment and Previous School were not working since the 6.8 version, fixed.
Version Date - 6/26/2020
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Physician The Local Physician page would not display when it was set to "Show(Optional)", fixed.
Street Address Validation When an address did not contain a suffix like 'St' or 'Dr', it would not validate even if the address was a valid mailing address, fixed.
Version Date - 6/18/2020
Page Comments
Document Uploads A language drop-down is now available to allow administrators to add Document Upload Requests in multiple languages.
Street Address Validation Enhanced logic for parsing street addresses. Street directional words and abbreviations were not always being identified correctly, fixed.
Eligibility Increased Residence Address field length from 25 characters to 50
Version Date - 6/8/2020
Page Comments
Residence Survey The Residence Survey has been added to the Online Enrollment process
Family Military Survey The Military Survey has been added to the Online Enrollment Process
User Interface Improved the display of long text descriptions and comments, and improved the font for text in all languages. Also, not all non-English characters were showing in email messages, fixed.
Authorizations The Authorizations step now is presented after the Documents step.
Admin The description fields for Supplemental Questions and Document Uploads have been expanded to allow for longer descriptions.
DecisionInsite The DecisionInsite Street Address Validation option was not available to some DecisionInsite districts, fixed.
Version Date - 3/12/2020
Page Comments
Document Uploads This new step in the enrollment process allows parents to upload specific files requested by the district.  These documents will be then available for review when importing into Aeries, and ultimately stored in the Aeries Student Documents table.
Admin A new tab has been added to configure the new Document Uploads feature.
Address Validation Address Verification for DecisionInsite customers has been updated to match Aeries Web, including accepting medium Geocode Confidence results.  Also in cases where DecisionInsite returned an address without a zip code extension an errors would occur, fixed.
Version Date - 2/3/2020
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DecisionInsite Blank schools returned by the DecisionInsite API would cause errors, fixed.
Version Date - 9/17/2019
Page Comments
Aeries Service The birthplace optional field was not being honored, fixed.
Version Date - 8/12/2019
Page Comments
Documents Documents which were visible to only a single school would not display, fixed.
Version Date - 8/8/2019
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Aeries Service A new endpoint has been added to allow Aeries Web to pull configuration information from Online Enrollment. This will allow Aeries to ignore blank data for disabled optional fields in Online Enrollment.
Documents Documents with blank filenames would return an error, fixed. When a user is logged in with a language other than English and documents exist in English, but does not exist for the logged in language the document would fail to download, fixed.
Version Date - 6/21/2019
Page Comments
Documents Documents now support the new .config web link documents from Aeries Web.
Version Date - 5/31/2019
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Documents Documents will now display in the logged in language if available from Aeries Web. Documents will also honor the new confirmation type field which is setup in Aeries Web to allow certain documents to be shown only to registrations for next year, and others to be only shown to current year registrations.
Database A new language (CL) field has been added to DCL
Version Date - 3/25/2019
Page Comments
Other District Enrollment The country field has been removed. The State field on this step will now be a free form 2 character text box. The district name, school address, city, state, and zip are now all non-required fields on this page. Custom text now displays on the top of this page along with directly above previous school details.
Admin Custom Text can now be written for the top of the Other District Enrollment page and directly above Previous School details on that same page.
General Student Information Gender drop-downs were not sorting correctly, fixed.
Eligibility An empty tool-tip would display when no custom text was defined, fixed.
Installer For self-hosted customers, a new version of Aeries Online Enrollment installer/updater utility is available.
Version Date - 2/19/2019
Page Comments
General Student Information When the new option to not ask for the student's birthplace was turned on the enrollment process would fail, fixed.
System Wide When a code did not exist in Aeries Web, but had been previously used in Online Enrollment viewing those registrations would cause an error, fixed. Also, user-defined codes now sort according to the sort order defined in the code table, rather than alphabetically.
Confirm The confirmation page will now hide fields which are hidden during the enrollment process.
Version Date - 2/15/2019
Page Comments
System Wide Gender now uses custom codes from Aeries and supports Genders additional to Male and Female.
Admin Added 4 new options to allow districts to choose if they want to ask for the student’s US School Entry Date, US Pre-School Entry Date, CA School Entry Date, or Birthplace.
Other School Enrollment A new question has been added to gather a date for the first time a student entered a Pre-School in the US.
Version Date - 1/8/2019
Page Comments
System Wide Phone number inputs have been improved throughout the system to accept phone numbers entered in a variety of formats. Also, when auto-fill would populate the phone number, the user was sometimes unable to continue, fixed. Also, when a parent or office staff reviewed an older enrollment confirmation where the parent selected a code that that are now disabled, an error was being generated, fixed.
Contacts If the option for "second copy of mail be sent to this contact" is set to no, the page no longer shows the informational text related to the option.
Version Date - 8/31/2018
Page Comments
Eligibility The Street Address Validation process has been improved to avoid issues with addresses potentially being blank or not being recorded properly.
Admin The Supplemental Questions section in Questions & Codes has been visually improved to make it easier to view and edit data.
System Wide Email addresses containing underscores and other valid special characters are now allowed.
Step 3 The Mailing Name field now correctly limits the length of the input to avoid errors when long names are entered.
Version Date - 5/25/2018
Page Comments
Resuming an Enrollment Users were sometimes not able to resume an enrollment properly when the Supplemental Attendance page was disabled, fixed.
Parent Information The "Resident Parent Information" page has been renamed to "Parent Information".
Admin Database name now displays correctly for hosted environments. Also, admin users were not able to change their own password, fixed.
Eligibility page Required Information will no longer show hard-coded text if custom text was configured.
General Supplemental and Authorization questions now display better, especially when questions or answers on the confirmation page are very long.
Confirmation page The Student Mailing Address now displays even if a Residence Address is not populated.
Language Information This page can now be removed by a system admin from the steps required by parents.
Contact Relationship This field is now properly translated on all pages where it is displayed.
Printing Confirmation Page Printing this page now includes custom text. Also, some alignment issues have been corrected.
Version Date - 4/27/2018
Page Comments
Aeries Online Enrollment Version 3 A complete redesign of Online Enrollment has been implemented using the latest Aeries branding to better match the Aeries Web environment. This new design is optimized and works with all screen sizes and mobile devices. This gives the parent an option to enroll a new student easily via their phone or tablet.
Mobile Friendly Inputs Inputs such as phone number fields have been made easier to use on various mobile devices and platforms.
Translations More pages such as Health Survey, Language Information, Emergency Contacts, Health Survey, and Documents can now display customized text in multiple languages. Formatting options have been expanded. System administrators can use new Formatting boxes such as Info and Alert to better display messages using system standard styles. Also, unnecessary hard-coded text will no longer display if custom text has been configured. It is recommended that Districts review their custom text to fully take advantage of these new customization options, and verify it displays appropriately.
Custom Text More pages, such as Health Survey, have been given the ability to use Customized Text in multiple languages. Formatting options have been expanded. System administrators can use new Formatting boxes such as Info and Alert to better display messages using system standard styles.
Save and Resume Enrollment Resuming an enrollment now remembers the last step the user was on and continues from that point, no need to click next through the steps to get back to where they left off.
Google Maps Google Maps is now an option, no longer Requiring a Google Maps API key. If enabled, this will display the school's location on a map after being assigned to a school.
Home Language Survey Questions now match the order and wording provided by the CDE.
Inputs All data inputs now properly define a "max length" property to prevent data entry errors.
Logout Logout will now end the user session and bring them back to the homepage.
Admin Min and Max Age (for the entire system) have been added, which is used to validate the student's birthday. A custom message can be displayed if the student is outside of this range.
Physician Info An admin can now set this page to be displayed but optional so parents can skip it.
Other District Enrollment The US Enter Date field can now be disabled by the system admin if the district wishes. This option defaults to disable the US Entry Date as the majority of customers have expressed that desire. Also, the parent will only be prompted to enter prior schools if they had previous K-12 enrollment.
System Usage Metrics The Aeries Online Enrollment System will now start sending anonymous usage data back to Aeries Software. This information will be used to help improve the system and help to identify trends with system usage and errors.
Database Connections The Online Enrollment database, as well as the Aeries database are now displayed on the admin page for reference.
Resident Parent Information The parent/guardian field (mailing name) will now pre-populate with both parents names as the parent completes the form in a format such as "John & Jane Doe".
Version Date - 12/22/2017
Page Comments
Street Validation DecisionInsite street validation was not functioning properly for TK, fixed.
Version Date - 12/21/2017
Page Comments
Street Validation TK support has been added to DecisionInsite street validation.
Eligibility During address validation there was the potential for the City and Zipcode to be saved as blank, fixed.
Version Date - 4/11/2017
Page Comments
Change Email The change email option would not direct the user to the correct URL to verify their email address, fixed.
Eligibility Under certain circumstances during street validation an error would be displayed, fixed.
Version Date - 3/3/2017
Page Comments
Languages The Armenian language is now supported.
Translations More translations for Spanish and other languages have been added.
Student Removed word "optional" from middle name field.
Reset Password Email addresses longer than 30 characters were not able to be entered, fixed.
Contacts Mail tag was not saving, fixed.
Copyright The copyright year on the master page and in the assemblies has been updated.
Version Date - 8/25/2016
Page Comments
Branding References to "AIR" have been replaced with "Aeries Online Enrollment".
Address Validation Support for using DecisionInsite for address validation has been added.
Translations More Spanish and Vietnamese translations have been added. In Korean and Chinese, the "Next" button was mistranslated, fixed.
Version Date - 2/12/2016
Page Comments
Copyright The copyright year on the master page and in the assemblies has been updated.
Admin Control Panel The school email field now supports email lists separated by semicolons.
Student Eligibility The Grade Estimation Logic has been improved to more accurately select the grade level of a student based on the student's birthdate.
Version Date - 10/7/2015
Page Comments
Student Eligibility Student Grade Level Estimation would throw errors when a district has schools set up as programs, fixed.
Version Date - 9/25/2015
Page Comments
Documents This page no longer requires documents to be selected for summer re-registration in and instead relies only on the AIR tag in Also, when documents were available, but none required to be confirmed, parents could not complete the documents step, fixed.
Other District Enrollment Additional questions have been added: "Was this student born in the United States?" and "What date did the student enter the United States?" Students born in the US will automatically have their US Enter Date populate with their birth date.
Admin Pages An option has been added to provide custom text for providing further instructions or links to parents when they are selecting a grade level. Also, the available grade levels can now be limited.
Eligibility Support for Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten has been added. When a birthdate is entered, a grade level will now be estimated for the student. Parents can keep that selection or choose their own.
Version Date - 3/27/2015
Page Comments
Documents Under certain circumstances parents could not navigate past the documents step, fixed.
Version Date - 3/24/2015
Page Comments
Documents The ability to give parents access to various documents during the New Student Enrollment Process has been added. System Admins can use the Portal Options page in to upload and configure documents to be displayed and potentially required in AIR. The AIR Admin page now has the option to turn on the Documents page and also configure custom text.
Version Date - 10/23/2014
Page Comments
Login Forgot password link is now always visible on the login page.
Eligibility Expanded accepted date ranges to allow for adult education enrollments. Now calculates age based on birthdate and displays a warning if the student is over 22 or under 4. Modified the Suffix input to now be a drop down list and include only valid CALPADS values.
Other District Enrollment Changed the last enrolled at this district field from a text box to a date select. Parents are now able to select last school attended at this district from a drop down list. Moved the California and US entry date questions from the Language page to the Other District Enrollment. Added new fields for Contact Name, Telephone, Fax, Was Expelled?, Was Special Ed?, Had a 504 Plan?
Language Information Modified the wording on “What is the language most often spoke by the adults at home” to now read “Which language is most often spoken by adults in the home?”
Admin Modified the Spanish default Welcome text.
Change Email The submit button would not show text on the button in some browsers, fixed!
Version Date - 7/24/2014
Page Comments
Eligibility Enhanced the zip code entry field to only accept valid zip code extension values
Eligibility Restricted parents to only allow 5 races per child according to Federal guidelines
Email If Secure SMTP was not initialized correctly, then users would get an error when submitting an enrollment. Fixed
Version Date - 7/1/2014
Page Comments
Email Secure SMTP through services like Google are now supported.
Translations Some additional notifications and alert messages have been translated.
Contacts Phone numbers will now accept characters like "(" and "-" and will also give an error if the phone number is not valid.
Version Date - 6/13/2014
Page Comments
Printed Confirmation Page For Parents Multiple layout enhancements that include an overall font size increase, student's name and registration id printed on each page, and adding a "Date Signed" line next to parent's signature.
Languages Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations are now available.
Codes If Ethnicity, Race, or Contact Relationship codes are inactivated in Aeries, they will not show up as possible options for parents. The admin screen now makes it clear which codes are not active in Aeries and helps you remove those inactive codes from AIR.
Street Segments Street records (STR) without a valid DI value could cause errors when presenting streets to the parents, Fixed. The admin screen now makes it clear which codes are not active in Aeries and helps you remove those inactive codes from AIR.
Version Date - 3/28/2014
Page Comments
Languages Korean is now available as a language for the system.
Medical History Medical History can now be skipped from the data entry process.
Address Info Student home address now allows apostrophes.
Immunizations Parents must now select BOTH a vaccination type and a date.
Version Date - 3/6/2014
Page Comments
Skip Pages in Enrollment Navigation District Admins can now choose to skip one or more of the following pages from displaying during the enrollment process ; Out Of State, Local Physician Info, and Immunization Information. If a page is marked as "Skip" the navigation will simply skip that page and not display it to the parent.
Data Entry If a parent entered a phone number with more than 10 numbers, it would generate an error, Fixed. Also, if the gender was not selected and the parent attempted to click the Next button, an error would be generated, Fixed.
Admin Clicking on the "Edit Choices" button on the Supplemental Questions editor for a brand new question would not pop up the editor, Fixed.
Version Date - 2/26/2014
Page Comments
Enrollment Data Entry The parent's Portal Access choice was not being saved for parent contacts or emergency contacts, fixed.
Version Date - 2/21/2014
Page Comments
Password Reset Attempting to reset a forgotten password would not work correctly, Fixed.
Admin The "Save All" buttons not notify the user that the data was successfully saved.
Version Date - 2/10/2014
Page Comments
Admin The "Questions and Codes" tab would not display any fields if there were zero Authorization Questions, Contact Relationship Type codes, or Supplemental Questions. Fixed.
Version Date - 2/7/2014
Page Comments
Parent Entry Forms Parents can choose from a district defined set of languages to view AIR in.
Admin (1) AIR now supports Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. (2) Custom text fields can now be translated by districts into the supported languages. (3) WYSIWYG Editors allow districts to see in a What You See Is What You Get fashion what their custom text will look like to parents. (4) Authorization and Supplemental questions can now be translated by districts. (5) Districts can select which of the supported languages they want to let the parents choose.
Version Date - 11/22/2013
Page Comments
Eligibility Expanded the years available in the US and CA Enter Dates drop down list
Version Date - 9/6/2013
Page Comments
Admin The DEL tag in the lookup from AeriesDB.LOC and AeriesDB.COD was not being respected. Fixed.
Version Date - 7/30/2013
Page Comments
Aeries AIR Changed all instances of the words "Registration" and "Register" to "Enrollment" and "Enroll" throughout the system in order to enforce the "Aeries AIR" brand.
Supplemental Questions Districts can now add customized text to the top of the Supplemental Questions page.
Student Enrollment Address lookup now works correctly in all cases.  These include: only allow punctuation if it exists in the Street (STR) table, fixed invalid street lookup error message when adding multiple students, and addresses can now include the direction (N, S, E, W).
Confirmation Page The confirmation email sent to parents after they create their account now includes text telling them that if the link in the email to the confirmation page doesn't work, they'll have to copy and paste the URL (which is then given) into their address bar.
Confirmation Page Include the student's grade level in the email sent to the school when a parent submits the registration.
Admin Account Creation When administrators create an account, they are now required to enter the password twice.
Version Date - 2/13/2013
Page Comments
System All hard-coded terms in the system now support being displayed in Vietnamese.
Student Data Entry The Street auto-fill was not working when the AIR site used SSL, fixed.
Version Date - 1/9/2013
Page Comments
Emailing Sending emails from the system was incorrectly requiring the "Server Email User" field to have a value, fixed.
System The system was not properly handling multiple districts on the same installation, fixed.
Version Date - 12/11/2012
Page Comments
Registration Confirmation When a parent completes a registration in AIR, the system will now email out to the STU.SC (School), and if it exists, the STU.PSC (Preferred School). This is dependent on the email settings being configured via the Admin control panel in AIR. It is highly recommended that the contact email address be configured for each school.
My Account Added "Please complete the registration process for each individual student before adding any additional students" to the MyAccount page to help parents understand why they can't add multiple students at the same time.
Manage Registrations When administrators deleted student registrations, not all related tables were being deleted, fixed.
All Pages Multiple spelling fixes
Physician Contact Changed the required field alert on the Medical Facility Name in the Physician Page from "Please provide the employer name" to "Please provide the medical facility name"
Out of State Contact Added the word "Optional" to the Out Of State Contact info title
Version Date - 5/2/2012
Page Comments
Address Validation Fixed potential crash when using ZIP+4 and STR table.
Version Date - 4/14/2012
Page Comments
Address Validation Updated support for ZIP+4 when using Aeries STR table.
Resident Parent Information Updated text to clarify when user should mail tag a contact.
Other District Enrollments Updated text to clarify how dates should be entered if an exact date is not known. Fixed "last three schools" to read "last four schools".
Version Date - 4/2/2012
Page Comments
Web Services Added support for large datasets when communicating with AeriesCS import form.
Version Date - 3/25/2012
Page Comments
All Pages Updated support for all Firefox versions.
General Student Info Updated text for student email to clarify collection of student email, not parent.
Resident Parent Information Updated text for parent/guardian field to clarify collection of parent, not student.
Local Physician Information Updated text for local physician information to include "or enter a nearby hospital or clinic". Updated text from "Employer/Name of medical facility" to "Name of medical facility". Updated text from "Employer address" to "Medical facility address". Removed email address.
Registration Confirmation Updated "finish button" instruction text to bold.
Out of State Contact Information Simplified data for "Out of State Contact". Removed employer name/address, copy of mail, email and allow access to portal.
Confirmation page Updated to support field changes on registration forms.
Required Information page Corrected spelling.
Admin System Settings Added option to control the "asking of emails for emergency contacts".
Emergency Contacts Added support for "asking of emails for emergency contacts" option.
Eligibility Enhanced precision of auto correcting city field input from Aeries STR table.