Aeries Web Version Conversion Status

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Name In Aeries.Net? Short Term? Long Term?
1 Absence Re-Admit Slips N/A
2 Absence Verification Letter Text Editor yes
3 Absence Verification Letter to Parents yes
4 Absence/Tardy Letter Text Editor/CAR N/A
5 Absence/Tardy Letters To Parents/CAR N/A
6 Address History yes
7 Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment yes
8 Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment Details yes
9 Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment Information yes
10 Aeries AIR - Online Student Enrollment Options yes
11 Aeries Control Panel yes
12 Aeries Control Panel/New yes
13 Aeries Log Table Analysis yes
14 Aeries Variables yes
15 Aeries Variables For Current School yes
16 Aeries Variables For Current User yes
17 Aeries Welcome yes
18 Analyze Aeries Data nonoyes
19 APRENDA 3 Pre-Identification Form N/A
20 Assign ID Numbers N/A
21 Attendance Change Form yes
22 Attendance Data yes
23 Attendance Enrollment Form yes
24 Attendance Leave Form yes
25 Attendance Notes yes
26 Attendance Works Extracts yes
27 Automated Internet Registration (AIR) yes
28 Automated Internet Registration (AIR) Information yes
29 Automated Internet Registration (AIR) Options yes
30 Automated Internet Registration (AIR) Student Details yes
31 Bell Scheduler yes
32 Billing yes
33 Block Schedule Calendar yes
34 CAASPP Student Test Assignment/Paper Pencil yes
35 CAASPP Test Results (STAR) yes
36 CAHSEE Pre-Identification Form N/A
37 CAHSEE Test Results N/A
38 Cal Grant Setup yes
39 Calendar yes
40 CALPADS Information yes
41 Carl Perkins N/A
42 Change Password yes
43 Citizenship GPA N/A
44 Civil Rights Data Collection Options yes
45 Class Scheduling yes
46 Class Scheduling Setup yes
47 Classroom Attendance yes
48 Classroom Period Attendance yes
49 Client Server Log In yes
50 Client Server Security yes
51 College Entrance Tests/Requirements yes
52 College Requests yes
53 Colleges yes
54 Color Chooser N/A
55 Combine Student Records yes
56 Configure Password Requirements yes
57 Configure Vaccination Requirements yes
58 Content Standards Scores yes
59 Control Panel Button Assignments yes
60 Convert Ethnic Codes To State Standard N/A
61 Copy Aeries Data From Summer Schools yes
62 Copy Aeries Tables from Last Year yes
63 Copy Dispositions From ADS to DSP N/A
64 Copy Inactive Students From All Schools In The District yes
65 Copy One Students Records From Another School yes
66 Copy One Students Related Records From Another School N/A
67 Copy Students From Another School yes
68 Counseling yes
69 Course Attendance yes
70 Course Display yes
71 Course History Institutions yes
72 Course Request Packets yes
73 Courses yes
74 Create Aeries Tables From SASI Files N/A
75 Create Aeries Tables From SASI-XP Files N/A
76 Create ASCII Text File From Query noyesno
77 Create CALPADS Extracts yes
78 Create CalPass Extract N/A
79 Create CASEMIS Student File N/A
80 Create CBEDS ORA Files yes
81 Create CCGI Extract noyesno
82 Create Dialer Text File Of Absent Students N/A
83 Create Dialer Text File Of All Students N/A
84 Create Fitness Extract yes
85 Create GSE Precoding Text File N/A
86 Create Medi-Cal Fixed Length Text File N/A
87 Create Multi Track Attendance Calendar yes
88 Create New Daily Attendance Sheet Table N/A
89 Create New Grade Reporting Table yes
90 Create New Grade Reporting Table/MM yes
91 Create New Period Attendance Sheet File N/A
92 Create Patron File for Athena Library System N/A
93 Create Patron File For Input To Follett Library System N/A
94 Create PCS Export Text File N/A
95 Create PCS Export Text File/Multi-Track N/A
96 Create Pre-Enrolled Students yes
97 Create ROP Extract noyesno
98 Create School House Export Text File/eTrition N/A
99 Create Sections For Next Term yes
100 Create Temporary ABI Accounts yes
101 Create UC ELC Extract yes
102 Custom Report Builder yes
103 Daily Attendance yes
104 Daily Attendance Cycle yes
105 Daily Medical Log yes
106 Define College Entrance Test Codes yes
107 Define Database Tables And Fields N/A
108 Define Email Text yes
109 Define Fields to Sync/Lock noyesno
110 Define Required Fields for Data Entry yes
111 Define School-Based Codes noyesno
112 Define Student Grade Levels yes
113 Define Tests To Print On Transcripts yes
114 Define Withdrawal Form Headings yes
115 Discipline yes
116 Discipline Analysis yes
117 Discipline Incidents yes
118 Discipline Letter Edit and Print (subDisLtrPrt) yes
119 Discipline Letter Text Editor yes
120 District Events yes
121 District News (Aeries Communication Platform) yes
122 District Student Enrollment History yes
123 District Student Lookup yes
124 District Supplemental Data yes
125 Elementary Classes yes
126 Elementary Classes For Next Year yes
127 Emergency Contacts yes
128 Employers yes
129 Enrollment History yes
130 Estimated New Hires N/A
131 Exception Report Parameters yes
132 Extracurricular Activities yes
133 Fee Letter Text Editor yes
134 Fees yes
135 Fill Open Periods yes
136 Free And Reduced Meals yes
137 GATE yes
138 Golden State Seal Merit Diploma yes
139 Grad Check Setup And Printing yes
140 Grade History yes
141 Grade Reporting Address Options yes
142 Grade Reporting Cycle yes
143 Grade Reporting Options yes
144 Grade Reporting Printer Setup yes
145 Grades yes
146 Grades By Teacher yes
147 Grades/History yes
148 Graduation Requirements yes
149 Graduation Status Letter Text Editor yes
150 Graduation Status Setup And Print yes
151 Healthy Start N/A
152 Hot_Keys N/A
153 ID Card Setup And Print yes
154 Import Attendance Data noyesno
155 Import CASEMIS Files yes
156 Import Course Requests from Academic Plan yes
157 Import Fixed Length Files yes
158 Import Grades yes
159 Import Or Add Data To Aeries yes
160 Import Record Layout N/A
161 Import Staff Data From PAIF File N/A
162 Import Students noyesno
163 Import Test Scores N/A
164 Individualized Academic Plan yes
165 Ineligibility Report Parameters yes
166 Input Billing Payments yes
167 Input CAHSEE Scores yes
168 Institution Programs N/A
169 Interactive SMS Builder yes
170 Interventions yes
171 Language Assessment Data yes
172 Letter Log yes
173 Letter Text Editor yes
174 Letters to Parents yes
175 Load Governors Scholars N/A
176 Locator Card Setup yes
177 Lockers yes
178 Log Database Configuration yes
179 Mass Add Medical Tests And Records yes
180 Mass Add Student Pictures yes
181 Mass Bill Students yes
182 Mass Change All Day Code yes
183 Mass Change Area Codes yes
184 Mass Change ATT Codes yes
185 Mass Change Course Requests yes
186 Mass Change Every N ATT Code nonoyes
187 Mass Change Period Absences yes
188 Mass Change Section Numbers yes
189 Mass Input Attendance Codes yes
190 Mass Update Graduation Status yes
191 Mass Update Red Flags nonoyes
192 Mass Update Test Records N/A
193 Master Schedule yes
194 Master Schedule Board yes
195 Master Schedule Display yes
196 Master Schedule Reports yes
197 Medical yes
198 Medical Log yes
199 Miscellaneous Functions N/A
200 Miscellaneous Student Data yes
201 Move Checked Out Textbooks to FEE (District Assets) yes
202 Names And Addresses yes
203 New Year Rollover and Data Copying Process yes
204 No Show Setup yes
205 NWEA MAP Test Results yes
206 Off Grade Courses yes
207 Other District Enrollment yes
208 Payment Schedules yes
209 Period Attendance yes
210 Period Attendance Cycle yes
211 Period Attendance/Block N/A
212 Photograph Setup yes
213 Physical Fitness Letter Setup yes
214 Physical Fitness Setup yes
215 Physical Fitness Test Results yes
216 Physical Fitness Testing yes
217 Physical Fitness Text Editor yes
218 Pull and Push Staff Data N/A
219 Pull ENR From Another Database noyesno
220 Pull LOC Records From Schools N/A
221 Push and Pull Setup Tables yes
222 Push and Pull Student Data N/A
223 Push Table Definitions N/A
224 Push Testing Data N/A
225 Query yes
226 Query Change Form yes
227 Query Change Security yes
228 Query Letter Editor yes
229 Query Report Parameters yes
230 Quick Launch yes
231 Report Printing Packets nonoyes
232 Run Timed Procedures N/A
233 Save Or Restore Scheduling Results yes
234 Scantron Performance Series N/A
235 Schedule All Students Into Classes yes
236 Scheduling Course Request Letter Text Editor yes
237 Scheduling Letter Text Editor yes
238 Scheduling Locator Card Setup yes
239 Scheduling Master Schedule yes
240 Scheduling Master Schedule Board yes
241 Scheduling Master Schedule By Course yes
242 Scheduling Master Schedule Display yes
243 Scheduling Master Schedule Reports yes
244 Scheduling Optimizer yes
245 Scheduling Rejected Courses yes
246 Scheduling Rejected Students yes
247 School Events yes
248 School Information yes
249 School News (Aeries Communication Platform) yes
250 Schools yes
251 Scrip Purchases N/A
252 Scrip Stores N/A
253 Security yes
254 Security By Form yes
255 Send Emails yes
256 Siblings yes
257 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) - CAASPP/TIDE yes
258 Special Education Data yes
259 Special Programs yes
260 Staff yes
261 Standards yes
262 Standards Based Grade Input yes
263 Standards Based Grade Printer Setup N/A
264 Standards Based Grade Reporting Cycle yes
265 Standards Based Grade Reporting Table Setup yes
266 Standards Based Grade Reporting Table Setup for 1 Student yes
267 Standards Based Grades By Teacher yes
268 Standards Based History yes
269 Standards Based Options yes
270 Standards Based Setup yes
271 STAR Pre-Identification Form N/A
272 STAR Test Results N/A
273 State Seal of Biliteracy yes
274 Status Code Color Assignments yes
275 Streets yes
276 Student Assessment Data yes
277 Student Assessment Definition yes
278 Student Assessment Programs yes
279 Student Assessment Reports yes
280 Student Attendance yes
281 Student Class Schedules yes
282 Student Demographic Update Information yes
283 Student Documents yes
284 Student Enrollment Form nonoyes
285 Student Enrollment History yes
286 Student Groups yes
287 Student Program Participation yes
288 Student Reports yes
289 Student Scheduling Cycle yes
290 Students yes
291 Supplemental Attendance yes
292 Supplemental Attendance Data yes
293 Supplemental Attendance Programs yes
294 Supplemental Attendance Sessions yes
295 Supplemental Attendance Sessions by Student yes
296 Supplemental Data yes
297 Suspension Letter Edit And Print yes
298 Suspension Letter Text Editor yes
299 Switch To Another School yes
300 Teachers yes
301 Terms yes
302 Test Exclusions yes
303 Test Scores yes
304 Test Scoring Reports N/A
305 Test Settings yes
306 Testing and Assessment N/A
307 Testing Control Table yes
308 Textbook / District Asset Barcode Input yes
309 Textbook Accounting / District Assets yes
310 Textbook Assignments By Student / Student Assets yes
311 Textbook Assignments By Teacher / Staff Assets yes
312 Textbook Assignments By Textbook / District Asset Item History yes
313 Textbook Check In / District Asset Check In yes
314 Textbook Check Out / District Asset Check Out yes
315 Textbook Check Out By Class yes
316 Textbook Check Out To Students / District Asset Student Check-Out yes
317 Textbook Check Out To Teachers / District Asset Staff Check-Out yes
318 Textbook Color Chooser N/A
319 Textbook Copy Information / Quick Assets Information Lookup yes
320 Textbook Fine Letter Text Editor / District Asset Fee Letter Text Editor yes
321 Textbook Fines By Student / Student Asset Fees yes
322 Textbook Letter Text Editor / District Asset Letter Text Editor yes
323 Textbook Options N/A
324 Textbook Title Information / District Resources and Assets yes
325 Transcript Definition yes
326 Transcript Setup And Printing yes
327 Transcripts yes
328 Update Absence Codes yes
329 Update Attendance Data/New yes
330 Update Code Table yes
331 Update Course Request Sheet Table yes
332 Update Cross Reference Table N/A
333 Update Global Web Messages yes
334 Update Grade Reporting Codes And Descriptions yes
335 Update Graduation Requirements Table yes
336 Update History From Summer Schools Grades/CS yes
337 Update Links For Online Resource Center yes
338 Update Multiple Mark Headings And Descriptions yes
339 Update Student Data From Last Year yes
340 Update Student Data From Last Year's Feeder Schools yes
341 Update Summons Text yes
342 Update Suspendable Offense Codes yes
343 Update Tables To Copy yes
344 Update Test Objectives Table N/A
345 Update Valid Marks yes
346 User Defined Student Data yes
347 Vendors yes
348 Victims and Witnesses yes
349 View All Forms yes
350 View All Macros N/A
351 View All Reports yes
352 View All Tables yes
353 View Disk Records N/A
354 View Logged In Users yes
355 Web Users yes
356 Weekly Attendance Rates nonoyes
357 Work Permit yes
358 Work Permit Text Editor yes
359 Year To Date (YTD) Attendance Totals yes
360 YTD Attendance By Student nonoyes
Total Forms in Already 285
Short Term Projects 8
Long Term Projects 7
Not Applicable to 60
Total 360