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Take a look at our job openings below. If you are interested in one of the listed positions or have further questions, email us your resume at


Aeries Support Representatives

The Aeries Support Department is looking for talented candidates to join our Support Team. The strength of the Aeries Software Support Team is based on the years of school and district experience of our current support technicians.

What do we look for in a Support Representative?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries, especially Aeries Web Version
  • School district experience
  • Lives within driving distance to our Anaheim office

If this describes you or someone you know, please send an email or resume to

Aeries 2nd Level Support Representatives

The Aeries Support Department is currently looking for qualified individuals to fill a "2nd Level Support" position.

What do we look for in a 2nd Level Support Representative?

  • Experience with the technical side of Aeries implementations including:
    • Aeries Web Version, including Portals setup
    • Aeries Client Version/SQL
  • Network and Server Software experience including:
    • Windows Server 2008 and 2012
    • SQL Server 2008, 2012, and 2014
    • IIS
    • Network Security
  • School district experience
  • Lives within easy driving distance to our Anaheim office

Experience in ALL these areas is NOT a requirement, but the more areas where there is experience, the stronger the candidate.

If this describes you or someone you know, please send or email a resume to

Part-Time Aeries Trainer

The Aeries Training Department is always on the lookout for talented candidates for the Training Team.

What do we look for in an Aeries Trainer?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries (Elementary, Secondary, and District)
  • Classroom, School and/or school district experience
  • Knowledge of Student Information Software (Aeries experience)
  • Teaching and Communication Skills
  • Can live anywhere in CA (access to major airport - a plus)
  • Willing to travel extensively (some weekend travel required)
  • Available as needed based upon customer needs (minimum 24 days annually)
  • Willing to accept assignments that vary from 1 day to 1 week
  • Problem Solving Skills - ability to think on your feet

A possible candidate could be a part-time, temporary, or recently retired employee in your district who is looking for part time employment.

If this describes you or someone you know, please send an email or resume to

Aeries Quality Control & Documentation Specialist (QC)

The Aeries Programming Department is highly productive and is constantly making changes to Aeries SIS. The ongoing volume of changes requires that we seek an additional Quality Control (Aeries testing) and Documentation Specialist to verify changes to Aeries SIS made by our programming staff and to work with our programming staff to refine processes to better meet the needs of our customers. This involves testing new features and enhancements to existing features before updates are released to our customers and providing feedback to programmers.  Additionally, this position is responsible for creating and maintaining thorough, user-friendly documentation of Aeries SIS functionality.

The Quality Control department also handles escalated requests from the Support department, coordinating directly with programmers when necessary to handle and resolve customer issues that may be above the general day to day support. Another responsibility of the Quality Control department is to assist other departments, including 2nd Level and Sales/Marketing.  

What do we look for in an Aeries QC Specialist?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries (Elementary, Secondary, and District)
  • An understanding of how schools operate
  • An attention to detail
  • Experience developing documentation
  • Able to work flexible hours when necessary

If this describes you or someone you know, please send an email or resume to

Product Specialist

The Aeries Product Specialist will primarily be a resource to the sales department, maintaining an expert-level knowledge of all major aspects of Aeries and a working knowledge of all other areas of Aeries. This entails knowing not just how the system works, but also why the system works the way it does. This job function will involve understanding varying target audiences and presenting to them the most applicable benefits of Aeries® SIS, as well as doing research on the competitive landscape of the SIS industry. This position will also require frequent travel to aide in sales presentations.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Attends product demonstrations (or hosts webinar demos) in conjunction with the sales team; demonstrates Aeries in a clear and relevant manner to the intended audience.
  • Involved in discussions on product development, including weekly programming meetings (when available), quarterly Major Projects meetings, and Advisory/Focus Group meetings when they are held. Researches competitive landscape and offers feedback on necessary development to keep pace with and surpass the competition.
  • Attends Marketing/Sales meetings and makes recommendations based on feedback received during interactions with current and potential customers and various internal departments
  • Continually learns and masters the latest new features of Aeries

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Co-manages and helps lead to development of new Programming Request (PR) system. Works with the programming and quality control departments to prioritize development.
  • Engages with developers and other departments throughout the design and development process before and after the product feature is released.
  • Assists in delivering relative and effective marketing campaigns alongside the sales team.
  • Assists in providing answers and responding to RFPs and RFIs.

Abilities and Characteristics:

  • Passionate. Candidate should display passion for Aeries & helping school districts.
  • Well-informed. Candidate should be knowledgeable on all aspects of Aeries and possess a willingness and desire to keep learning from a wide variety of sources.
  • Expressive. Candidate should possess clear & concise communication skills (both orally and in writing/presentation materials) and be comfortable in front of large audiences.
  • Experienced. Candidate should have recent experience using and supporting Aeries in a school district and be able to relate to new and existing customers.

If this describes you or someone you know, please send or email a resume to

Aeries Software is an Equal Opportunity Employer.