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Director of Marketing

Are you always going on and on about marketing funnels? Are you fanatical about generating leads, developing processes and measuring success to drive continual improvement? Have you asked someone about their conversion rates recently? Are you a creative and a techie?

The Aeries team is searching for a passionate leader to help manage communications and promotions to millions of parents, students, teachers and district personnel each month.

Our software directly impacts the lives of students and school personnel across California, and we take our work seriously. We also take our fun seriously. Our office provides both spaces for distraction-free work as well as amenities for relaxation and entertainment, including an on-premises game room and gym.

We value a strong work/life balance, having identified that balance as a common trait among individuals that deliver consistent high-quality work over time.

What Aeries is looking for is individuals with passion. We want to change the world of education technology and have a direct positive impact on the success of students in California. If that sounds like you, Aeries could be a great fit.

Job Description

The marketing director will take a seat at the leadership table where Aeries's strategies are developed, and then they will maximize the impact of those strategies by managing digital marketing campaigns to existing customer districts as well as prospective clients.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Californians use the Aeries platform to manage students' K-12 careers. Our goal is to help every student succeed by providing innovative features, reliable services and unrivaled customer support. If you love thinking holistically about the customer and creating long-term engagement and adoption while contributing to the development of revenue opportunities, then you will love this role.

As the marketing director, you will be running point on all of Aeries marketing activities. The marketing team will work with the creative, programming and sales teams to act as content developers: branding, collateral, advertisements, media plans, newsletters and more. You will lead the Aeries marketing team from its fledgling state into a robust, prolific team that works in close collaboration across the rest of the company.

You will help engage in market research to bolster Aeries' understanding of our industry, market and user personas. You will oversee inbound lead generation efforts like content development, search optimization, and promotion of webinars to attract prospective customers. You'll also manage outbound lead generation and customer retention efforts, like targeted email campaigns and other outreach initiatives aimed at existing customers.

You will expand the marketing team under your leadership, vetting new talent and developing onboarding resources that can be used to ramp up new hires quickly.

You must be prepared to experiment with all of your great ideas and then swiftly execute them. You must be able to create, run and monitor exceptional marketing strategies while not being afraid to roll up your sleeves to drive an initiative forward.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Develop communication plans and content strategies to support the launch of new products and services
  • Lead continual improvement of Aeries' marketing, developing strong processes and procedures for the marketing team
  • Lead overall marketing strategy and tactics that support Aeries' business goals
  • Oversee continual research initiatives, including competitor analysis and user persona creation
  • Work closely with the creative, sales, and client care teams to develop content strategies and establish new marketing channels
  • Engage in event marketing considerations for our semi-annual users' conferences
  • Take ownership of key marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Maintain working knowledge and oversight of marketing channel performance and analytics

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, organizational communication or similar field of study – or equivalent experience
  • High organizational capability, managing multiple campaigns and initiatives simultaneously
  • People-orientation, with an affinity for relationship-building and user empathy
  • Ability to thrive in a collaborative team environment
  • Progress-oriented with the ability to turn ideas into action plans
  • Self-motivated and results-driven, identifying and acting upon opportunities with autonomy

We are passionate about what we do, and pushing the limits of our marketing is no exception. In this position, you will have the unique opportunity to establish a marketing apparatus from the foundation up, implementing processes and procedures according to your vision. Ultimately, your efforts to increase the effectiveness of our customer communication and marketing will directly impact the success of K-12 students in California and beyond.

If this describes you or someone you know, please email a resume to

Aeries Support Representatives

The Aeries Support Department is always looking for talented candidates to join our Support Team. The strength of the Aeries Software Support Team is based on the years of school and district experience of our current support technicians.

What do we look for in a Support Representative?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries
  • School district experience

If this describes you or someone you know, please send an email or resume to

Aeries 2nd Level Support Representatives

The Aeries Support Department is always looking for qualified individuals to consider for the "2nd Level Support" position.

What do we look for in a 2nd Level Support Representative?

  • Experience with the technical side of Aeries implementations including:
    • Aeries Web Version, including Portals setup
    • Aeries Client Version/SQL
  • Network and Server Software experience including:
    • Windows Server 2008 and 2012
    • SQL Server 2008, 2012, and 2014
    • IIS
    • Network Security
  • School district experience

Experience in ALL these areas is NOT a requirement, but the more areas where there is experience, the stronger the candidate.

If this describes you or someone you know, please email a resume to

Part-Time Aeries Trainers

The Aeries Training Department is always on the lookout for talented candidates for the Training Team.

What do we look for in an Aeries Trainer?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries (Elementary, Secondary, and District)
  • Classroom, School and/or school district experience
  • Knowledge of Student Information Software (Aeries experience)
  • Teaching and Communication Skills
  • Can live anywhere in CA (access to major airport - a plus)
  • Willing to travel extensively (some weekend travel required)
  • Available as needed based upon customer needs (minimum 24 days annually)
  • Willing to accept assignments that vary from 1 day to 1 week
  • Problem Solving Skills - ability to think on your feet

A possible candidate could be a part-time, temporary, or recently retired employee in your district who is looking for part-time employment.

If this describes you or someone you know, please email a resume to

Aeries Quality Control and Documentation Specialists

The Aeries Programming Department is highly productive and is constantly making changes to the Aeries software. The ongoing volume of changes requires that we seek an additional Quality Control (Aeries testing) and Documentation Specialist to verify changes to Aeries made by our programming staff and to work with our programming staff to refine processes to better meet the needs of our customers. The Quality Control and Documentation Specialist also assists the Support and 2nd Level departments with ticket escalations and maintains the Knowledgebase articles.  

What do we look for in an Aeries Quality Control and Documentation Specialist?

  • Experience with many facets of Aeries
  • An understanding of how schools operate
  • An attention to detail
  • Experience developing documentation
  • Experience with SQL Query statements

If this describes you or someone you know, please email a resume to

Aeries Software is an Equal Opportunity Employer.