Our planning committee

To host the unrivaled conference our customers expect from us, it takes a group of people passionate about Aeries and its users to plan it. Meet the folks working hard to elevate and innovate the AeriesCon experience, twice a year, year after year.

AeriesCon wouldn't be what it is without them — feel free to say hello if you happen to see them around the virtual conference hall!

Planning Committee Chairs

Brent Lloyd

Project Coordinator

Lara Clickner

Conference Team Lead

Jonathan Cotton

Budget Lead

Connie Castillo

Registration Lead

Leslie Stawarz

Conference Session / Schedule Lead

Natasha Perera

Marketing & Social Media Lead

Rich Lloyd

Merchandise Coordinator

Marge Romasanta

Open Forum & Social Events Lead

Michael Gehrke

IT / Ops Lead

With a special mention for the following contributors

Lynn Heatherly

Sam Defeo

Jan Tokorcheck

Barry Lloyd