2015 CAASPP Test Results Import Available

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The CAASPP Test Results (STAR) has been updated to process the Local Educational Agency CAASPP 2015 data file according to the August 27, 2015 layout. With this version, test results such as Raw Score, Scale Score, Performance/Achievement level, School, Test Date, Test Administration, and ELA and Math Claims Performance Levels will be loaded into the Testing Data (TST) and Content Standards (CST) tables. The Early Assessment Program (EAP) Authorization to Release for English and Math records will also be added to the Authorizations (AUT) table.  The update to add the Accommodations and Modifications for the Test Exclusion (TEX) table will be available soon.

While testing the 2015 CAASPP Results import, several anomalies have been found within the data files. In some data files special characters in the Student Name fields compromised the remainder of the records imported into Aeries. The anomaly is not evident while viewing the file in Notepad, but can be seen with other Text Editors. A workaround has been developed whereby the system will only load the records up to the last good record.

Please refer to the documentation for more information on how to import the CAASPP data into Aeries: Load_CAASPP_File.pdf

Student Profile

Once the CAASPP data has been added to Aeries, the Student Profile Screen will display the most recent test scores for Smarter Balanced ELA and Math (SBAC) and for the Science tests (CST) for grades 5, 8 and 10.

Test Details

Clicking on the SBAC or CST link will open up the new Test Details screen, which will display the Performance Level and Scale Score for the test and the Claims Performance Levels.