Aeries Analytics Expands into Discipline, GPAs, EL Years in Program and More

Tags: Aeries Analytics, Analytics, Discipline Indicator, Discipline, Early Warning System, numeric fields

The abilities of Aeries Analytics to act as an Early Warning System just got better.  The system already did an excellent job identifying students with multiple At-Risk Indicators for not graduating.  Discipline and numeric field values like GPAs and EL Years in Program have recently been added, greatly enhancing the system's ability to identify critical student subgroups in need of intervention.

With Discipline, analysis can be done on Frequency of Violations, Frequency of Dispositions, and Total Days of Dispositions (i.e. Days of Suspension).  By using the Aeries Analytics Dashboard, this discipline information can be cross-referenced for any other Analysis Indicator to determine correlations in data, including identifying potential causes for low test scores and grades in some students.  Students falling into certain Discipline Performance Bands can be subgrouped and analyzed individually.

With numeric field value analysis on fields like EL Years in Program, districts can quickly identify and create subgroups for Long-Term English Learners in order to target specific interventions and intensive instruction, maximizing local district resources.  GPA analysis is also very effective in looking for students, where, although they are not failing, they remain on the cusp; and in combination with other risk factors, may be at a higher risk of falling back and not graduating.

The Aeries Analytics Data Analysis Tools continue to grow.  Planned future enhancements include being able to cross-analyze all performance bands for any two indicators (great for multi-year test score and data correlation analysis) and complex multi-year cohort analysis.