Aeries Automated Internet Registration (AIR) now importable through Aeries.Net

Tags: AIR, Aeries Automated Internet Registration, Enrollment, Registration, Import, Import

The 3/22/2013 Aeries.Net release included an Import From AIR form which gives users with appropriate permissions the ability to import student registrations from AIR into Aeries.Net. The functionality of .Net matches CS in that users can filter the list of available students by their import status.

AIR settings must be set up through School options prior to accessing the new Import From AIR form. Once these settings have been populated, to import from AIR via Aeries.Net, a user with appropriate permissions can navigate to the Student Demographics form and click on the "Import from AIR" button. This button will take the user to the Student Details form that lists the students’ pending import.  From there, users can match the new student registration to an existing student in your district (who is currently inactive) or simply import the student registration as a brand new student.

In conjunction with the new Import From AIR form in Aeries.Net, the existing AIR Import form in Aeries CS has been modified for terminology consistency. The caption on Load Which Status was changed from "Completed" to "Pending Import."  The Aeries CS form also added a Delete button to the main form so registrations can be deleted without going into the Details form. Logic was added to the Details and Summary buttons to verify that students have not been imported or deleted since the form was opened to avoid double-entry. The error messages have been enhanced to be more specific regarding this type of event. Additionally, when importing a student for next year, the student will be auto-tagged as pre-enrolled ("*") instead of asking for a status tag.

AIR will continue to progress into a more robust enrollment tool. The next big feature to come in AIR will be the internationalization of the prompt text presented to the parents.  This will allow for the parents to select from a list of languages to have the AIR site presented in.  This will not translate the local district defined text.  Fields like AUT (Authorizations) and any SUP (Supplemental) fields the district requires the parents to answer will all have to be translated by the district.  Any customizable text in AIR will also need to be translated by the district.  This feature is slated to be completed by early 2014.