Aeries Develops Extract For Attendance Works

Tags: Attendance Works, CalDATT, truancy, absenteeism

Aeries has developed a new extract, available in the District application, with the data required to populate the CalDATT tools from Attendance Works. The CalDATT tools are self-calculating Excel spreadsheets that track chronic absences. They are free to all schools and districts and can be downloaded from the Attendance Works website. Once the extract is created, it can be pasted to the CalDATT spreadsheets to automatically generate the reports.

We would like to invite districts to use this new free tool to track chronic absenteeism and truancy and analyze the relationship between them as defined by California law.

More information on how to obtain these tools from Attendance Works can be found at: Attendance Works

Sample Screenshot

The form is simple to set up:

·         Date Range: limits the extract to the specified date range. The start date defaults to the first day in the district calendar. The end date is two weeks before the current date.

·         Grades: select the grades that you want to include in the extract

·         Truancy Letters: select all the letters that indicate truancy

·         Absenteeism Letters: select all the letters that indicate excessive absence

·         School List: select the schools you want to include in the extract 

Sample Reports

At-risk students by grade level

 District-wide attendance patterns over time