Aeries Teacher Portal Enhancements

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Throughout California, schools are gearing up for the 2016-17 school year, bringing with it all of the excitement, promise, and liveliness that goes along with millions of students returning from their refreshing summer breaks. While these students are faced with new challenges and opportunities, they may take some time to get back into their peak performance. Likewise, as teachers return to their schools, they too are faced with their own challenges, and must quickly get back into the swing of things.

Enhancements for the start of the school year

Aeries Software looks forward to this time of the year because we are able to present teachers with all of the new features and enhancements made since they last saw Aeries® SIS in the late Spring. The following are some of those enhancements that teachers will be greeted with upon their return:

  • -Scores By Class Show Trend option
  • -Transfer Grades
  • -Show Point Ratio option
  • -Gradebook Restore enhancements
  • -Status and Comments on the Scores by Class screen
  • -The ability to sort Scores by Class by due date or assignment ascending and descending
  • -Standards usability enhancements
  • -Push Assignments showing most recently created assignment first
  • -An option to automatically add and drop students from a class based on Course Attendance dates

You can find a description and screenshots of these changes on our Online Help:

Alternatively, if you want to see these changes in action, check out our video demonstrating each enhancement:

The Teacher Resource Center

Don’t forget to regularly check and take advantage of the Teacher Resource Center, which is available directly from the Teacher Portal home page. The Resource Center includes:

  • -Access to training videos and documentation broken down by each task
  • -Relevant tips and tricks
  • -Curated articles on topics like grading policy or behavior management
  • -A list of new features
  • -A roadmap of features coming down the road
  • -A link to the Q&A Teacher Community
  • -A link to the Aeries gradebook UserVoice site, where you can submit ideas for future enhancements

Google Classroom

Last school year, Aeries SIS was enhanced to integrate with Google Apps for Education, including Google Classroom. This allowed teachers to create a classroom within Google Classroom directly from Aeries for each gradebook of their choosing, automatically adding their students in the process. Now that the Google Classroom API has been enhanced, Aeries will soon be updated to allow teachers to add Google Classroom Assignments directly within the Aeries gradebook, which will sync together thereafter. Keep an eye for a blog about this new feature in the coming weeks!