Aeries Web New Year Rollover

Tags: NYR, Rollover

The Rollover process is now available in the Aeries Web Version! The fresh, streamlined interface was designed with the user in mind by simplifying the settings selections and guiding the user through the rollover process.

The Settings tab simplifies the option selection process by condensing all of the options from 8 tabs on 3 different forms in AdminCS to one page in Aeries Web Version and then grouping the options into District-wide and School-wide settings.

Once the options are selected for one school, they can be pushed out to all schools with similar requirements through the Push to Other Schools interface.

The selections that are made are automatically saved and rolled into the New Year database to make future rollovers even easier.

The Processes tab breaks up the rollover into three steps, guiding the user through the entire rollover process.  The Pre-Rollover step provides the user with links to reports that should be run and reviewed prior to rolling over the database to the new year. The Rollover step provides reminders to first create the new year database in SQL and includes an interface to add security credentials to perform the rollover.  The Post-Rollover step provides the user with links to reports that should be run and reviewed after rollover has completed to help analyze the data in the new year database.

As each report or task completes the Processes tab displays the date and time.

The Web Rollover in Aeries has been tested to complete about 10 times faster than the rollover using AdminCS. In one comparison of a large district the AdminCS rollover took over 25 hours to complete, whereas the Web Rollover completed in just under 2 hours! This performance enhancement has been achieved by streamlining the rollover process into one run for all schools rather than separate runs by school type, incorporating the Copy Aeries Tables, Update Student Data and Copy Inactives into one process rather than three separate steps, and by utilizing multi-threading processes.

The AdminCS version is still available for districts who do not want to use this new functionality in the Aeries Web-Based Environment. The New Year Rollover in Aeries Web Version is currently marked as "Beta" in order to indicate that although districts can go ahead and use this new process, we highly recommend being very diligent at checking and verifying the success of the rollover process. Extensive testing was completed on many different district and school configurations but we still recommend that you test this process on test databases and verify the accuracy before running it on your production database.

Documentation for the Web Rollover can be found on the Online Help or directly via download: