Aeries Web Security Redesign

Tags: Security, emulation

Aeries Software is excited to share a complete redesign of the Aeries® SIS security pages, complete with some valuable new features which were crafted to not only empower administrators to be able to design a multi-year security scheme quickly, but also to ensure consistency in that security scheme between all years.

Manage everything from one location

In the newest releases of the Aeries Web Version, all user accounts, group associations, and permissions will come directly from your district’s default database as defined in your AeriesNetConnections config file.  Now there is no need to log into all of your databases to create a single user and set up permissions.  Instead, you will be able to create the users once, and define their permissions for the current year, last year, and all years prior to last year all from a single location.

Take advantage of expiration dates

When setting up those permissions for your users, you will also notice that we’ve addressed the issue of temporarily elevated account permissions.  If a user needs to make changes to data that they are usually only able to view, expiration dates may be set up on individual permissions in a group or directly on a user’s account.  So now there is no need to remember to return to that user and remove those permissions at a later date.

Enforce password security

There are a few added security measures we’ve introduced as well.  When adding a new account or changing an existing one, there is an added option to have the user change their password upon next login.  This ensures that a password that is meant to be temporary stays that way.  Along the same lines any password which matches the user’s username will require a password change upon login.

Emulate anyone

As always here at Aeries Software, we explore multiple avenues in order to gain end-user feedback in order to identify the feature sets which are most-desired, and for this release, the consensus for most-desired features go to account emulation.  Now from the Security Users page, an administrator can emulate a user and see the interface exactly as the user would, including the ability to emulate for parent and student portal accounts on the Manage Student/Parent Accounts screen.

Enjoy enhanced user experience

And to conclude, what would a redesign be without interface productivity enhancements?  On all of the permissions, school access, and push permissions to another school screens, we’ve added select all / clear all buttons.  Also, when creating a new user once their staff id is populated the first name, last name, and email address will be pulled in automatically from the staff table, if that data is not already populated for the UGN record in question.

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