Aeries Web Version Custom Reports Redesign

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Custom Reports in the Aeries Web Version has been structurally redesigned as of the December 11th, 2015 update.  With the new design, redundant procedures have been eliminated to ease the effort of creating a custom report.  The process is also similar to the process of creating Dashboards within Aeries Analytics™.  The Custom Report Admin can create Pre-Configured Custom Report Items and setup Color Layouts. Custom Report users can create a report by selecting the pre-configured report items to include in the report.

Accessing Custom Reports

Custom Reports can be found in two places: on the View All Reports page and in the navigation tree under School Info | Configurations.

Creating Custom Report Items

An Admin user or users with Admin permissions to Custom Reports can create a pre-configured item bank. The items will need to be added before users can create a Custom Report.  Users can create a custom report item by adding a new item or copying an existing item.  There are four different item types currently available: Table-Field Value, TST Table Score, CST Table Score (strands), and CTS Table Score (college).

Users with Update permission to Custom Reports can also create Color Layouts.  The report can be associated with a Color Layout to display different colors for the different levels that will be printed on the report.

Creating a Custom Report

Creating a Custom Report is as simple as giving the report a name and selecting which pre-configured report items to be included.  Admin users or users with Admin permissions to Custom Reports can share a custom report to other security groups.

Importing Existing Custom Reports

If districts have existing Custom Reports, an Import MDP Report option is available.  The Import MDP Report will display all existing reports from the MDP – Multi Data Profile tables.  To import existing custom reports, simply select a school and choose a report from the list to import.



Sample Custom Report – CELDT Scale Scores

Documentation can be found at the Aeries Online Help.