Aeries Web Version Scheduling Dashboard

Tags: Scheduling, Dashboard

With the recent announcement that the web version of Aeries® SIS will soon include essential functionality no longer available in the client version, Aeries Software has made a concerted effort to improve the web version based on user feedback. As mentioned previously, as the gap narrows in matching and exceeding functionality in the web version of Aeries, focus is shifting towards improving the user interface and experience of the web version, while continuing to offer brand new functionality.

One particular set of functions that is actively being converted to match functionality in the web version is the Scheduling Process. In the past several weeks, numerous Scheduling feature enhancements have been released. One new feature that drastically improves upon user experience is the Scheduling Dashboard, released on 02/26/2016.

The new Scheduling Dashboard aims to offer users a workflow similar to the Scheduling Cycle located in the client version. As with the Scheduling Cycle, the steps shown are not necessarily always the exact steps needed for every user in every case, but are a good guideline for the Scheduling process.

Each individual section can be expanded on its own by clicking on it or all sections can be expanded by clicking on the top “Scheduling Dashboard” bar.

Each step shown gives a direct link to the form or report listed. For those users that primarily deal with scheduling, it is recommended to add the Scheduling Dashboard to the “My Favorites” links in order to quickly switch back to the Scheduling Dashboard after completing each step.

The steps shown with a PDF icon next to them take users directly to the Report listed.

As experienced schedulers know, it is a good idea to backup and restore scheduling results often. This allows for flexibility to try several different options during the scheduling process and to choose the best result in the end. This function is included in several sections for that reason.

We hope the Scheduling Dashboard proves to be a useful guide and time-saver as users continue to make the switch to the web version of Aeries® SIS. Keep an eye out for the Aeries revision notes to keep track of other valuable scheduling features added to the web version in the coming weeks.