Alternative Education Scheduling

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In an effort to ease the job of Alternative Ed Schools and teachers, Aeries has updated several forms and reports to allow for an easier way to schedule students.  It's important to note that this new feature is intended for schools where teachers instruct different students in different content (examples: Court, Alternative Ed, and Independent Study schools).  The new Alternative Education Scheduling option simplifies the building and maintenance of the Master Schedule by only requiring sections for each Subject Area that a teacher teaches, not every course they might teach.

To allow the simplification of the master schedule while still tracking the specific course of instruction for each student, the system allows the generic, subject-area-based sections to be scheduled for students, but the Course ID is editable on each student.  This means that for a given section, each of the students enrolled in that section can have a different Course ID.

This new system will work just fine for CALPADS and other state reporting.  It's important to note that for Highly Qualified Teacher reporting to CALPADS, make sure that you have the "Staff Highly Qualified" (STH) table populated correctly and completely.

More information about this new option can be found at: Alternative Education Scheduling

Sample Screenshots

Teacher: There are six sections defined, each with a generic Course ID as a placeholder


Classes: The generic Course IDs have been replaced with real courses. Each student can have a different course within the same Section. In the below example the Course ID for section 200 is changed from the generic Math code to a specific Math course.