Attendance Management

Tags: Attendance, Management

The Attendance Management page was recently added to Aeries Web Version. With it, a quicker, easier, and more intuitive process for managing attendance has arrived to support attendance clerks in their daily routine. This page will result in significant savings in time and reductions in the daily efforts of anyone who manages attendance on a regular basis.

Attendance Management streamlines the process for viewing and updating unverified absences during a specific date range. Instead of changing a student’s unverified absence from an individual student's attendance page, users will be able to view and modify all unverified absences for all students on the same page.  Other absence codes can be selected, so users are not limited to only unverified absence codes. A user-friendly interface allows the user to filter the list by student name, ID, or number, as well as by date ranges.

The Attendance Management page will help to ensure that all unverified absences are identified and cleared or changed as needed. The page is available for schools using Daily and Period attendance, as well as negative and positive attendance schools. Just like a student's attendance page, this page also supports entering attendance notes for absence dates. To support verification of attendance data, a popup window of contact information for students is provided. In secondary schools, period codes can be modified along with the All-Day code, according to the Fill Period options.

Full documentation can be found in the Aeries knowledgebase at