CAASPP Pre-ID Template File

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ETS/CAASPP Program Management has made available to the districts a “Pre-ID” template file. The purpose of the file is to designate additional sorting levels to the Pre-ID labels for the Science CST/CMA tests, CAPA tests, STS for Reading Language Arts, Braille, Large Print, and Spanish version of the Smarted Balanced Math tests.

By default the Pre-ID labels will be sorted by school and then by grade. The CAASPP Pre-ID Template includes the Delivery Name (SSD.TGN) and Delivery Code (SSD.TGC) fields for additional sorting. 

There is a Jan 31st deadline for LEA’s to submit the Pre-ID template file. Districts can update the template file by using queries to populate the SSD.TGN and SSD.TGC fields and then using a query to create the data for the Pre-ID Template A

This document provides Aeries Queries and SQL Queries to update the Testing Group Name/Testing Group Code (SSD.TGN/SSD.TGC) fields for secondary and elementary schools. The secondary queries update these fields either by Subject Area or Period depending on your sorting preference. The elementary queries update these fields based on the STU.CU teacher.

Once the SSD.TGN/SSD.TGC fields are updated, a query can be run to gather the data in the format required by the CAASPP Pre-ID Template. The query results can then be copied and pasted into the template. Per ETS/CAASPP Program Management’s instructions the template then needs to be returned to the mailbox no later than January 31, 2015.

For more specific instructions on how to send the CAASPP Pre-ID Template please contact your CAASPP CALTAC Representative at (800) 955-2954.