CALPADS EOY Update - 2015


Below is some information to be aware of for the end of school year.

E155 Year End Enrollment Code

As of last year, all students enrollment must be exited every year.  Aeries will automatically populate the SENR file with the E155 exit code for all students without exit codes.  The E155 exit code will be populated in the SENR file 14 days before the last day of school, based on your school calendar.   Any new exit codes added to Attendance, the End of Year Status or the Completion Status fields will be extracted in subsequent SENR extracts and will overlay the previously reported E155 code in CALPADS. 

The E155 code will not be populated in Aeries and will not be available as an Attendance Leave Reason for manual population. 

SDIS Student Discipline Extract

A new field has been added to the SDIS extract for this years End of Year reporting: Element 4.23, Removal to Interim Alternative Setting Reason Code.  Both Aeries and have been updated on the April 17th versions to include this new field on the Assertive Discipline forms.

The new field is optional this year but will be required next year.

CALPADS will change the SDIS file format on Friday, May 8th to add the new field.  We will be posting a new update on Friday, May 8th to accommodate the change.  The updated Aeries version must be used if you are planning on uploading SDIS files to CALPADS on or after May 8th.

Below are several links to our documentation with more information: