Course Request Entry

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We are pleased to release the Course Request module for the new Aeries.NET Parent and Student portal.  This great new feature allows for students (and/or optionally parents) to submit course requests online through an all newly redesigned and streamlined interface from this feature in ABI.  When a student loads the "Course Request Entry" screen, the school's subject area requirements are shown on the left, allowing the student to quickly see the areas they need to add requests for.  The courses available to the users are limited to the set of courses pre-selected by site administrators.  Students can filter and search this list by the course's primary subject area and by title.  Students can then click on an information button next to each course that shows additional subject areas, UC/CSU subject areas, and the long course description if available.  Site administrators can designate the dates that requests can be submitted via the portal as well as whether or not users can submit alternate course requests.  Additionally, any course requests entered by site personnel can be designated as "locked" which will prevent a parent or student user from modifying that request.

We here at Eagle Software are proud to announce that we are offering a tutorial video series on the new Course Request module presented by our own programmer, Nick DeVore. The series can be seen by clicking - VIEW ALL >>