Data Event Triggers

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Here at Aeries, we always put an emphasis on empowering our districts, especially when it comes to making day-to-day business as simple and effective as possible.  One of the major hurdles many districts face is that of keeping their data interconnected, and flowing between related systems.  We’ve made many innovative enhancements over the years to address those issues, and keep your data connected.  With the addition of one of our newest features this past December, Data Event Triggers, we’re letting your technology teams take the reins with near endless possibilities.

These Data Event Triggers work by executing a stored procedure in real-time to complete some task, triggered when a specific event occurs in Aeries.  Those stored procedures will be the responsibility of your team to craft for any task your district sees fit.  For example, many districts using Active Directory have written procedures to pull data from Aeries and use that data to create accounts for staff and students.  When connecting these existing scripts to our new Data Event Triggers, that integration can move from a nightly or otherwise scheduled task to a real-time event giving students access to resources within seconds of being entered into Aeries.

Please read through the documentation thoroughly and heed the warnings, this is a very powerful feature that requires skilled technical expertise to implement correctly: