Discover Your Aeries Resources

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In order to complement a robust product and excellent customer support department, Eagle Software is always looking to increase its resources available to Aeries users. Aside from standard documentation and training videos, there is an assortment of outside-the-box resources that can help in your day-to-day use of Aeries. Some of these are new, while others may have been around for a while, but you may have missed them in the past:

Teacher Resource Center

In an effort to assist teachers with quick and easy access to critical information, we have developed a dedicated site with teacher documentation, Common Task Videos, Tips and Tricks, a Teacher Portal Roadmap and a look at What’s New with Aeries.  Teachers also have direct access to this resource on their home page in the Aeries portal. Check it out today at

Another resource is found linked in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center -- a new community forum just for teachers called Aeries Community.  This collaboration tool will allow teachers to help each other find what they need in Aeries.  To visit the Teacher Community directly, visit

Also in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center is the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice – a place to submit your great ideas and to vote for feature enhancements for the Aeries Teacher Gradebook. You can also keep track of the status of all pending features and hear feedback directly from the Aeries development team. To visit the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice site directly, visit

Aeries Online Help – Field Mapping

As always, all documentation that is released by Eagle Software will be posted both on its main website under the Downloadable Documents page and on the Aeries Online Help in a web format. The context-sensitive help icon located within also continues to link directly to the most appropriate web help document within the Online Help.

One heavily-requested feature is now being added to the Online Help – Field Mapping guides for These field map images will be included with the documentation with using the question-mark help icon within

Example of the Attendance History form with each field identified

Aeries_Talk Listserv

The Aeries_Talk (also known as Aeries Arena) listserv was formed by an Aeries customer district independently of Eagle Software as a means of seeking feedback from fellow Aeries users. Hosted as a Yahoo! Group, you can join over 1,300 other Aeries users and have the emails forward to a folder within your inbox to view at your convenience. To sign up, visit

Future Resources

Keep an eye out for expanded resources that are made available in the future through the website, in Aeries itself, and mentioned in emails and newsletters.