Eagle Software 20th Anniversary Open House & Picnic Recap

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Our unexpected guest

Months ago, when planning for our big celebration began, everyone agreed the middle of July would likely be like any other Southern California warm summer day. Unfortunately, historic tropical storm Dolores decided to make an appearance despite overlooking to RSVP. We kept a watchful eye on the weather report all week, and sure enough, from right around 1PM until just after 5PM on Saturday, it rained in Anaheim.

Devotion and appreciation

In spite of the weather, well over two hundred guests came to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Aeries users and their families from throughout California shared in the festivities. These included:

BBQ from our very own Director of Programming, Cam Iliff

A cotton candy machine


An inflatable castle water slide

A photobooth

Coffee & Tea from our favorite local coffee shop – Grow Coffee + Tea

Sporting activities

Tours of our office building - where the magic happens!

Prize giveaways

Thank you to everyone that came out to join in our celebration! All of you continue to make it easy to come to work each day and love what we do. Our commitment to our users and their cause to improve student outcomes has never been stronger. Here’s to 20 more years!