Free Aeries Analytics Dashboards for LCAPs

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Putting together a comprehensive Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a difficult task for districts.  Numerous factors have to be taken into account.  In the past, powerful tools have not been available to analyze the information needed.  That is why Aeries® SIS has released Free Analytics Dashboards, specifically designed around the needs of building an LCAP.

Aeries Analytics and the new LCAP Dashboards provide rich data analysis features on everything from grades and attendance to test scores and UC/CSU Eligibility Rates. Each data set is broken down by core subgroups as required by LCAPs.  Our hope is that this information will help drive informed LCAP decisions and help focus resources on the students who need it most.

These new dashboards are especially powerful when you consider that any employee of the district with an account can access these dynamic dashboards and apply their own custom filters and analytics.  This early engagement from stakeholders can help drive a more diverse LCAP.

The Aeries LCAP Dashboards work on the well-established Aeries Analytics engine.  This proven platform can analyze any student data element in the system and cross-compare that data with any other data set.  This power allows not just the identification of current at-risk students, but also helps compare student outcomes based on different intervention programs.

Initializing the LCAP Dashboards will provide districts with more than 25 dashboards, 50+ charts, and over 100 indicators with standardized subgroups providing cross-sectional analysis with more than 10 subgroups, including race and ethnicity and various programs and services provided by the district.

Note: The free LCAP Analytics Dashboards can only be viewed in and the pre-configured dashboards cannot be edited without a full license of Aeries Analytics.

Full documentation is available online on our Aeries Downloadable Documents page in the Aeries Analytics section or by clicking the following link: LCAP Dashboards

Gender Dashboard Example

Clicking on an area on the chart will bring up the list of students in that subgroup/band.  Intervention/Supplemental Attendance records can be created for these students, a set of students can be KEPT, or you can “Set” Aeries.Net to a student, and go out of Aeries Analytics to view other information on that specific student, such as Attendance or Grades

Advanced Placement Dashboard Example

A chart is created for every type of Advanced Placement test that has test results in the CTS table. Scroll bar on the right allows you to easily scroll through all of the charts. Scores are categorized into “Well Qualified” and “Not Well Qualified”. 

CAHSEE Dashboard Example

The ELA and Math charts display the pass rate/not taken rate of the students in grades 10 – 12. The ELA and Math Proficiency charts indicate how well the students that took the CAHSEE performed on the test (roughly 1-350, 351-380,381-424, 425-450)