Maximize Aeries® SIS - Transition to the Web Version

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In order to fully maximize the effectiveness of Aeries® Student Information System, the time has come to transition your school or district over to the Aeries Web Version (formerly known as After years of co-development in the Aeries Client and Web Version, beginning this summer, the web version will feature critical functionality that will no longer be available in the Aeries Client Version, including all CALPADS Extracts and next year's SBAC Test Results import.

It is important to note that as of July 1st, 2016, while the client version of Aeries® SIS will continue to be supported, usage of the Aeries Web Version will no longer be optional.

To aid you in this transition process, we have provided a toolkit with the following:

  • - More information on the history of Aeries development & the reason for this change
  • - A platform to vote on the remaining items yet to be converted from the client version in order to prioritize their development
  • - A clear-cut chart on how this affects your individual school or district
  • - A list of advantages of making the switch to the web version of Aeries
  • - Suggested steps for adoption of the web version
  • - Suggested transition plans for districts with varying levels of web version experience
  • - Links to additional resources, such as training videos, our blog, our Online Help, online demos, a letter from our Director, and a sample email to send to your staff

Visit to view the toolkit.