My Experience as Principal for a Day

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As a customer for close to 15 years, Eagle Software has intimately witnessed the growth of Orange Unified School District. In fact, in that time, a few Orange USD employees have made the transition to work for Eagle Software. On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, Eagle Software Vice President Brent Lloyd had the opportunity to participate in the district’s Principal for a Day event. Here is Brent’s story:

When I was asked to be Principal for a day at Orange USD, I was both flattered and thrilled about the prospect. I was assigned to Prospect Elementary School, a TK-6 school led by Principal Elena Rodriguez. Despite her demanding schedule and particularly challenging past few weeks, Mrs. Rodriguez was very communicative and sincere during the tour of the campus and classrooms, as well as when speaking about her responsibilities.

During my day-to-day job, most of my interactions with school personnel are with school district administrators and the IT department, so it is a refreshing change-of-pace to be able to visit classrooms. Throughout my short time at Prospect Elementary, I witnessed a lot of the familiar topics discussed throughout the school district administration level, down at their very origin. Common Core standards and teaching were definitely present – classrooms and labs were filled with technology that was implemented in everyday learning and students were in constant collaboration. As a community with a high level of low-income families, as well as some students that only spoke Spanish, it was encouraging to witness and learn about the in-school and after-school programs available to stimulate and supervise students of all backgrounds and interests.

Most of my questions to Elena following the tour applied to how the staff was responding to changing the curriculum and requirements facing them. While she admitted that it was certainly challenging and more change in a two-year span than any of her prior twenty years in education, the teachers and staff were undeniably taking it all in stride. Elena also diplomatically answered my questions regarding the amount of demands and stress involved with her job. From my one day there, I could see how much work was required of all staff, and just how dedicated they were in tackling those responsibilities. Elena has plenty to be proud about, not only with her enthusiastic personnel, but how she was keeping it all together with her passionate leadership.

At the reception event with the other Principals for a Day at the Orange USD District Office that I had visited many times before for other meetings with other staff, everyone shared their experiences. The others echoed my observations of devoted teachers and admins.

You can view Orange Unified School District’s press release here: