New Student Profile

Understanding where a student stands academically can be a challenging question to answer.  With the addition of the Student Profile page in, we are equipping educators, parents, and students to get a high level view of a student’s progress.  Included in the Student Profile is the attendance summary, grade book summary including trend forecasting, the most recent state test scores, and summary information for student related areas.  These areas will show the most recently entered record and the count of records for each area including counselor visits, discipline incidents, interventions, and medical history.  Also included are all the programs a student is currently participating in.  Each area has links to the detailed content behind the summary information.  For high school students, their page will also include their credit history which shows their total credits earned grouped by subject area.

This page is the place where everyone involved in the student’s education can look to get the big picture for a student.    This allows for a quick way to see potential trouble areas as well as discovering areas of success and improvement.

We will continue to expand the content on this page as we receive feedback from our customers.

Future development includes:

  • Adding a line graph to the grade book summary that shows the scores for each assignment
  • GPA summary graph