New Student Information Address (SIAD) Extract Available

Tags: CALPADS, SIAD, Student Address

The SIAD (Student Information Address) extract has been added to the Create CALPADS Extracts form. The SIAD extract enables districts to create a mailing address file to upload to CALPADS.  CALPADS provides student information (including address information) to the assessment vendor during districts testing assessment windows.  The assessment vendor needs the mailing address in order to print individual student reports (ISRs) for districts that opt-in for this ancillary service.

During the rest of the year, the residential address is needed for the Direct Certification process.

Until CALPADS adds new fields for the mailing address, in addition to the existing residential address fields, districts may need to upload the SIAD Extract file up during different times of the school year.

For more detailed information, please refer the CALPADS Update Flash #101 and the following Aeries document on the website: