New Year Rollover and New Enhancements!

We've made a lot of cool changes to the New Year Rollover process this year! In fact, it's hard to list them all! You can read all about it in our documentation linked at the bottom of the article, but we're going to highlight some of the more significant enhancements below. 

The New Year Rollover now includes a new option to Lockout All Users during the rollover process. This option will not kick-out users already logged into Aeries, but it will keep users from logging in while the rollover is running.  

Rollover It i' recommended that a test run Of the rollover run on a copy Of your database firstl 1 - Create your New Year Database using SOL Server Manaaement Studio using the same Database Suffix as the current year database (DST18ØOEagleUSD) 2 - Run SqlModel_sql against the newly created database DSO User Name DSO Password Bypass Updating Scheduled Processes only if testing the rollover Lockout All Users if NOT testing the rollover Start Rollover

When this "Lockout All Users" option is checked, users attempting to log into Aeries will see this message: 

Eagle Unified School District Sign in with Aeries Aeries Student Information System demo New Year Rollover in progress, please try again later Database: Localhost Year: 2017-2018 Sign In Curious about how to add custom text here? Search for: "Custom Message on Staff Login Page." You are viewing "login.html" in the "Extensions" virtual directory. Aeries Web Version 8.18.6 8 1995-2018 Aeries Software. All Rights Reserved. Background Image Info

A new option has been added called "Copy custom SQL modules" (ROL.CCS). Checking this option will copy custom SQL modules such as views, functions, stored procedures, and triggers for customers who have extensively customized their Aeries SQL database. 

New Year Rollover Settings - District Wide Clear existing District Asset Assignments Increment credit requirements in Graduation Requirements Copy next year's schools to current year in Streets Only copy the latest set of Gradebook Backups Only copy the most recent Student Photo Bypass Teacher Briefcase Files (TFL) Bypass Student Backpack Files (SFL) Bypass Medical Log (MED) Bypass Attendance Notes (ATN) Copy only outstanding Fees Leave unchecked to copy ALL Fees Copy custom SQL modules custom functions, stored procedures, etc. Close out open Authorizations on... Leave blank to not close out 06/30/2018

For Custom Tables and Views defined in the "Define Custom Tables" form (CTD table), the SQL Table definition, Indexes, Constraints, Triggers, and Extended Properties will be created in the new year database prior to copying the data. When paired with the "Copy custom SQL modules" option above, this means that the Database Administrator will only need to run SQLMODEL.SQL on a newly created Aeries database for rollover! 

Define Custom Tables Program and Authorization Status Definition for Table: PGMS Table Code Name Is SQL View? Aeries Navigation Location Primary Key Fields Parent Table Parent Fields Relationship Type Order By (SQL) Fields for Table: PGMS p GMS Program and Authorization Status Student Data ID STU ID One-to-One ID Save Close Delete Add ••• Add Line Separator O Add Sort Fields

Curious about the "PGMS" custom SQL view defined above? Click here 

The Processes tab now includes a new AdminCS Maintenance Functions* summary of last run dates for: Repair Indexes and Relationships, Force Cascading DEL Tags, and Database Cleanup. The dates will be shown in red if it has been more than one week since they were last run.  If you see a red date, be sure to run that function in AdminCS prior to starting the rollover.  

AdminCS Maintenance Functions Repair Indexes and Relationships Force Cascading DEL Tags Database Cleanup Last Run 05/13/2018 0608:34 PM 05/10/2018 PM 05/25/2018 PM Please ensure the above processes have been run recently

*Please note that this section will not be visible to our hosted clients. 

A lot of new features have been added to make sure that cleaner data is rolled over. New Year Rollover will now automatically run "Force Cascading Del Tags" in order to ensure no orphaned records exist prior to the rollover. The process will now also ensure that teacher zero ("Unassigned") exists at all schools, recalculate SMS Totals for secondary schools, bypass copying expired substitute teacher accounts, clean up portal accounts, and clear out data in Supplemental Attendance Session Linked MST Section (ATS.MSE).  These steps reduce the amount of "Post-Rollover Cleanup" Aeries Admins used to do. 

In order to better serve our K-8 customers, the existing "Only copy Student (STU) records under 25 years of age" has been modified to allow a user-defined age (ROL.UWA), defaulting to 25.  Now districts can enter an age that is more appropriate for the communities they serve.   

New Year Rollover Settings - School Based Do NOT Copy Student Records from This School Students at this school not copied elsewhere may be copied to the Inactive School Bypass Master Schedule (MST) Clear existing Textbook Assignments Change New Students School Mobility to new grade Change New Students Enter Date Leave blank to not change Use Schools Next Year Start Date when populated Copy Next Grade to Grade, add 1 to Next Grade Do NOT Bump Grades 14 15 08/15/2018 16 Only copy Student (STU) records under 25 years of age Keep the same Locker assignments Keep Secondary Counselors Copy Next Teacher to Teacher (elementary only) Copy Next School of Residence to School of Residence Copy Next Inter/lntra District to Inter/lntra District Copy Next Track to Track Copy Next Program(s) to Program(s) Copy Next Grid Code to Grid Code

These are just a handful of the recent enhancements to the New Year Rollover process. Visit our support site for more information!