Presidential Address – Brent Lloyd
Sep 03, 2019

Barry Lloyd I’m proud to say that it’s our 24th year providing schools and families the Aeries Student Information System. My father, Jerry D. Lloyd started working in education in […]

The Aeries Team

Barry Lloyd

I’m proud to say that it’s our 24th year providing schools and families the Aeries Student Information System. My father, Jerry D. Lloyd started working in education in the late ’60s in the Orange County Data Processing Center, back when computing was done on huge IBM mainframes. He was passionate about technology and went on to found one of the first PC-based SIS in California. Aeries SIS has since evolved into a product that we are very proud of.

Despite change, some important things remain the same. We have so much to be grateful for because of you, our customers and partner districts. You challenge us to improve our product and perform at our best. We wouldn’t have been able to build this company without all those who passionately care about our student’s futures.

Since the passing of my father in 2011, I’ve had the honor and responsibility of being the President of Aeries Software. While I have endeavored to do my best as President of such a successful and growing company, today I am proud to announce that I am passing the torch to my nephew, Brent Lloyd. I am confident that Brent will continue the tradition of a family run business that considers both its employees and customers as part of the larger Aeries family. I am certain that he will continue to instill the principles that have made Aeries such a great product that keeps the needs of its customers and users first and foremost. Lastly, I’m excited about the new and invigorating changes that I know he will bring with his tenure as President of Aeries Software.

Brent Lloyd

I started kindergarten the day my grandfather, my dad, and uncle started Eagle Software. It was the ’90s and since then I’ve always known what I wanted to do. Some kids have may have an aversion for any sense of predestined path set for them, but for me, I embraced it: learn my family’s business and go on the journey to be worthy of the spectacular educational technology legacy they’ve built.

Being at the crossroads of educational policy and emerging technology is exciting and energizing. I grew up amidst all of this. I attended public school in an Aeries district, I grew up riding my bike with my brothers ’til the street lights came on and then played video games until my parents told us to go to sleep. We’ve seen the great strides computer science and culture have taken since we developed our first software decades ago. But it’s equally important to see how much education has begun to pay attention to more than just the academic performance of our students, but also their social-emotional well being and their challenge-filled journeys from kindergarten to college and career success. Aeries SIS is in a unique place to ensure that the student data within our system empowers and galvanizes the whole community to enable student success.

Jerry Lloyd’s original vision for this company remains just as pertinent today as the day we opened almost 25 years ago: continual product innovation. So that is my promise. We’ve developed the road map on how we’re going to keep Aeries products at the top of their game and how to keep you, our customers, our users, our family, first.

The future is bright and our 25th year anniversary is arriving in 2020; we’re already planning the party! Along with that celebration, we will be announcing some significant company-wide improvements: a brand new website, more effective communication, and the implementation of the best technology that our industry has to offer.

– Brent Lloyd
President, Aeries Software

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