PS/TK Support - Define Student Grade Levels

Tags: PK, TK, Transitional Kindergarten, Define Student Grade Levels

Eagle Software is proud to present full compatibility for both Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool grade levels!  We are also providing the ability to define your grades above 13.  The student grade level will continue to store a numeric value, but all data entry and views will display the translated value.  For example, Transitional Kindergarten is stored as -1 in the student field (STU.GR), but will display as "TK" on all pages and reports in Aeries.  The Define Student Grade Levels form is now available in both and AeriesCS:

The setup form will allow you to define the descriptions of each of your grade levels. For example, the high school levels above are defined as "Freshman" through "Senior" instead of simply "9th Grade" through "12th Grade".  The Code, which displays in place of the grade's Actual Value, can be modified for Preschool (i.e. "PS" or "PK") and for grades above 13.  There is also the ability for each school to define whether the grades above 13 can be used.  In the above image, the Elementary School has selected not to use "Ungraded Secondary" (15), or "Adult Education" (18).  The code value (i.e. “TK”) will display on any page that includes a grade level.  Data entry will use dropdown lists, based on the Define Student Grade Levels configuration, instead of free text.

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