Query Change is a Changin'

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Please join us in welcoming the new and improved Query Change Form in Aeries Web Version. It is powerful, it is useful, and yes, it is fully adapted to the web. Let us introduce this screen which you might also call “another Aeries innovation at work."

The idea behind Query Change is running a LIST query using Aeries query tool, and by a click of a button, turning the resulting records into a fully editable grid that can bypass all business rules, except security settings. Considering the power of this tool, it should be used carefully. With the ability to easily navigate each cell using the keyboard and quickly typing values, dates, or codes, you can easily change many records with many fields from many tables in no time.

All of this does not mean that we don’t do our part to keep your data straight. The fields in the Query Change form will only accept correctly formatted data in the correct length. A date field will display a date picker and only allow valid dates, a numeric field will not allow you to type non-numeric data, and a six-character field will stop you at the seventh character.

If you don't possess the photographic memory needed to memorize all the various code sets you might need, worry no more. Any field that uses a set of values from COD table will be displayed as a searchable list. Yet, it will still allow you to directly type in codes as long as they are valid.

Best of all, as you type and move on to the next field, your data in the field before will be saved automatically without further action needed.

The Query Change form in the web version allows you to edit the fields from all the tables involved without the need to pick one over the other, like in the Aeries Client days. You can always lock/unlock a whole table or individual columns when you get to the screen. Talk about convenience!

To learn more about this great new feature, visit our knowledgebase:

Remember, Aeries Users: the Great Power of Query Change comes with great Responsibility. Use it wisely and use it well!