Report Tags for Query Use

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Let’s play a game of Tag!

There is nothing quite like a report. All the bits and pieces of data; all the raw facts, figures, numbers, grades turn into meaningful, organized, clear information through a report. Data transforms into information. They organize the unorganized bits spread all over a school information system into something you can read, understand, and present. 

But what if all that is not enough? What if you want to get your hands on those student’s records listed in that attendance report and print their grade reports? What about querying the kids who turned up in a missing immunizations report for a quick call list? Unfortunately, in most SIS products, there is no bridge that will help you access data based on a report.

From the very early days of our Aeries Client Application, a great innovation named Query Tags helped our users make the jump from reports back to data and allowed them to query, list, and keep lists of students. As we adapted this feature for Aeries Web Version, we continued the tradition of innovation in Aeries and revamped it into a more robust and powerful tool. Now this feature is aptly called “Report Tagging.”

Different from the classic Query Tags, Report Tagging is saved per report and per user, which means different people running different reports will not reset or change each other’s data. In addition, a user can now run many different reports and keep tag information for each report separately without overwriting the previous one. There is one catch though. If you run a specific report a second time with different options, you will end up modifying tagging data for that specific report.

If just tagging students is not enough for you and you want to get your hands on a calculated numeric value in that report, we have good news. For all the tagged students, we are also recording a pre-determined value as a Query Value (QV) so that you can query them wherever it is applicable.

We have a great article in our knowledge-base about Report Tagging with many query examples to get you started:

We have included this feature in the following reports and more to come soon. Stay tuned…

Students with N or More Discipline Demerits

Avery 5160 Labels 1 Per Family

Avery 5160 Labels for Birthdays By Teacher

Students with Unverified Period Absences

Students with Unverified Absences

Students with perfect Attendance (Perfect Daily Attendance, Perfect Daily Attendance by Teacher, Perfect Period Attendance)

Information Confirmation Status

Student Immunization Status

Students with N or More Absences

Students Without Student or Parent Email Addresses Options

Physical Fitness Status Summary

Students Without Portal Accounts