Service Learning/Community Service Hour Tracking Takes Off in

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After months of development, Service Learning Tracking is now available in  This new feature extends existing concepts of placing more responsibility for data entry tasks into the hands of parents and students and leaves the review and evaluation of that information to school staff.  In this revolutionary new feature, STUDENTS, not school office staff, enter information about the organizations they are volunteering for and enter the service log records all online.  Students can even upload documents, images, and video of their service as proof.  School staff simply review the information submitted by students and mark it as "Approved" or "Denied."  The system, exclusively available in and the Student/Parent Portal, uses integrated emailing to inform students and parents when Organization and/or Log records are approved or denied.

For the requirements, the school defines how many hours each year a student is expected to complete for graduation.  Hours are pro-rated for students entering school mid-year or for students with a gap in enrollment.  Hours can not be banked, but can be made up for deficiencies in prior years.

Full documentation is available after logging in to the website on the Downloadable Documents page in the " Admin" section.