Standards Based Grade Report Card Enhancements

Tags: SBG, Standard Based Grades, Report Card

Updated 07/09/2015

 Eagle Software is pleased to announce a major renovation to the Aeries Standards Based Report Cards!  Several enhancements are available that will greatly enhance the look of the Standard Based report cards:

  • - Ability to hide gridlines for empty space/blank filler
  • - Ability to print a border around “Explanation of Marks” section
  • - Ability to adjust width of “Explanation of Marks” section
  • - Option to show mark description for only mark type 1 and 2
  • - Ability to shade any standard line
  • - Ability to edit the number of lines of any standard
  • - Option to display the standard ID number in the Print Preview

Due to the nature of these changes, existing report cards will not look the same after installing the update.  Please be sure to complete printing your 2014-15 report cards before updating to the 06/26 or later version.

You can find a document detailing the changes available here