Standards Based Report Card Templates

Tags: SBG, Report Card, Template

Aeries has a new and exciting new feature called Standards Based Report Card Templates that provides a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for report card layout editing.  This new feature greatly reduces the amount of time spent creating or modifying your report cards.  Standard Based Report Card Templates allow users to create multiple report cards in a "sandbox" area without impacting the current report cards that may be in production.

An existing report card setup from the Standard Based Setup (SBE table) can be imported into the Standards Based Report Card Template page and then can be modified.   When the new report card template is complete, it can be pushed to the "live" environment with the "Push to SBE" button. 

The new page features drag and drop ability to move standards onto and around the report card.  All of the existing Standards Based options are available including a new option to "Center" the standard.  Standards can also be added or editing from the page with the appropriate permissions. 

Currently the 2 Column Portrait format report card is supported and the Landscape format is coming soon.

To view the full documentation on our Online Help, click here.