Start the New School Year on a Supported Version of SQL Server

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As reported in our December 2015 and May 2016 newsletters, the Microsoft and Aeries support of SQL Server 2005 ended (mid-April 2016).  If your district or school is still utilizing SQL 2005 on the server where your Aeries database resides, then it is time to upgrade.  SQL Server 2005 will no longer be updated or patched by Microsoft; even if a major security vulnerability is later found, Microsoft will not fix it.

Does this mean that Aeries will cease to work on SQL 2005?  No, Aeries SIS will continue to run.  However, there are several sections of our programming code which are there specifically in support of SQL Server 2005.  Unfortunately, this code does hamper some operations from running at their best possible performance.  For this reason, Aeries developers will start to phase out these sections of programming code specific to SQL 2005 in favor of optimizing Aeries code for newer technologies. The best practice is to update/upgrade software utilized for all critical applications like your SIS.

We are nearing the end of a school year and preparing for the new year.  Also, now is the time to start planning for the Aeries Database rollover.  This would be the best time to migrate your data from an old, unsupported SQL server version to a new server, or update the SQL version on your current SQL Server.  Aeries SIS supports SQL Server 2014 and pre-release versions of SQL Server 2016 (estimated to be released in June 2016) have passed all quality control tests thus far as well.

Migration can be accomplished in a variety of methods:

  • ·        Upgrade to our Aeries Hosting services platform.  This setup alleviates the workload of virtually all administrative functions, which will be handled by the Aeries hosting team.  Databases are optimized, backed up, and stored for archival requirements by Aeries Software, with all updates and version changes taken care of as well.  Click here to read the document that describes all the services provided to you as an Aeries hosted client.  This alternative is competitively priced; please contact for more information.
  • ·        Contract with Aeries to migrate your data and security to a new SQL server provided by the school district.  All that is needed is the new server with SQL Server installed (virtual or physical servers supported).  We offer this service at special pricing for Aeries customers.
  • ·        Complete the migration to a new server in-house.  This represents the most work required by the school district staff, but is highly recommended to be completed before the new school year begins.

Aeries Software highly recommends that you move off SQL Server 2005 and onto a new version of SQL as soon as possible.

It is very important to complete an upgrade or migration before the Aeries code is completely optimized to preclude SQL 2005 support.  The removal of supported code will take place as Aeries development leads to enhanced and additional functionality.  It will not necessarily be documented in revision notes when the SQL 2005-specific code is removed.