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The Student Groups feature from Aeries CS is now available within  As one of the few significant items remaining to be converted from CS, the version has been introduced with even greater capabilities. This significantly expands the ease of searching for any particular group of students conceivable.

The new form allows for the creation and maintenance of ad-hoc student groups and is available at both the school and district levels.  It offers several filtering options to select the subset of students, including the ability to use complex series of Query KEEPs and SKIPs.

Once a student group is created, you can easily filter down to that group on the Student Search and View All Reports screens.  This makes looking up, reviewing, and running reports for specific Student Groups a simple process.

Staff linked to a Student Group automatically have access to the students in that group in  The group appears in the Student Search Class Filter as well.

View All Reports

Student Search

Mass Add Period Absences

Additionally, Student Groups can be used on the Mass Add Period Absences page to quickly add an "Activity" absence code to that group of students.  This is of great use for circumstances involving student clubs and athletic teams.

Sample screenshots based on user security rights:

Read Only:  the form displays all the information pertaining to the group: Group Name, Description, Dates, as well as the Staff and Students included in the group.

Update/Change:  the student selection can be done by Student ID, by Counselor, by Grade, or Search by Class. It also allows editing and deleting Staff as well as the general information.

Click here to view the documentation available on the Aeries Online Help.