Student Search Tips & Tricks

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When searching for students, there are a few tricks that you can use to look for students.

1. Entering a Number (like 1234567890)…
     a. …will return students with matching Student Number (STU.SN), Permanent ID (STU.ID), or SSID (STU.CID).
     b. If only 1 student matches the number enterred, that student will automatically be selected and the current student will be displayed.
2. Entering just "_" (an underscore)…
     a. Will look for incomplete student adds. Sometimes a student add is started and the user closes the window or encounters a problem and the incomplete record is added to the Aeries database with underscores in the first and last name fields. You can search for these students by entering an underscore.
3. Wildcards – use the following wildcard characters to search for specific patterns in student names
     a. % - is for any set of characters. Example: "an%l" will return: Angelica, Angel, Angela, and Anel.
4. LastName, FirstName
     a. Use a comma in between two text searches and the system will look for students the last names of the 1st value and first names of the 2nd value.