Systems Update

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We want to make sure you were aware of a few things related to the systems that Aeries runs on.  We are continuing to target the most recent version of Microsoft .NET Framework, v4.5.2, and plan to use their future releases as well.  This means that all the web servers you use will need to be on Windows Server 2008 or greater.

ABI End of Life

If you have not moved off of Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) already, we strongly encourage you to do so by July 1st, 2015. We will be ending all support for that product as of that date.  For quite some time now, we have been directing our programming efforts towards the Aeries.Net product, which now handles Office Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students through a single platform.  In order to continue to provide future enhancements to the system, we will no longer dedicate any resources towards ABI.  ABI already doesn't support new feature sets only available in the Gradebook and Portals and to continue to support ABI would only hold back.  Our support team is ready to help you transition and our Trainers are ready to bring your staff up to speed on Eagle Software has provided an ABI end-of-life toolkit complete with videos, documentation and links, to assist clients in managing the transition. This toolkit can be found at:

Silverlight Gradebook End Of Life

Along the same lines, we will be ending support of our Silverlight Gradebook module as of July 1, 2015.  Our new HTML5 compliant Gradebook has had overwhelming success and has generated a lot of great feedback.  It continues to get regular updates and feature enhancements.  In order to allow for the greatest flexibility in features, we cannot support two products.

Please train your teachers as necessary, and as always, if you need help training, please don't hesitate to ask us.  We also have an extensive set of self-paced training videos for the HTML5 gradebook at